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Improve Your Vocabulary: KNOW, MEET, MEET WITH, or MEET UP?

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Do you know the difference between "know" and "meet"? We use these verbs in almost every conversation, so let's make sure you use them correctly! I'll teach you the meaning of "know" and "meet" as well as expressions like "meet with" and "meet up with". Sometimes the difference is between formal and informal English. In other cases, these words and expressions have very different meanings. Try the quiz at http://www.engvid.com/improve-your-vocabulary-know-meet-meet-with-or-meet-up/ to practice what you've learned. TRANSCRIPT Hello. My name is Emma, and in today's video I am going to teach you about the difference between "know" and "meet". This is a very common mistake I hear many, many students making. Okay. I'm also going to teach you about the difference between "meet", "meet with", or "meet up with". Okay? And this, in case you're wondering, is the past tense of "meet". Okay? So in this video we're going to talk about: "know", "meet", "meet up with", and "meet with", and: What are the differences between those different words? So let's get started. So I have here four sentences. "I knew Chelsea last week." And "knew" is the past of "know". "I met Chelsea last week." "Met" is the past of "meet". "I met with Chelsea last week." and: "I met up with Chelsea last week." Do you know what the difference between these sentences are? Are there any ones that have a mistake in them or all these all good sentences? Okay, so take a moment and think about it. Okay. So, let's first look at the difference between these two: "I knew Chelsea last week." and "I met Chelsea last week." So I have here some pictures. Pictures can really help you remember things, and they can really, you know, help make a point... A stronger point. So, let's get started over here. We have "meet", which is now and the past, which is "met". I have here two people. These people do not know each other. It's the first time that they are talking. Okay? They don't know each other. So what do they say? They say: "Nice to meet you!" We use "meet" when we're meeting somebody for the first time. We use "meet" with strangers. Okay? So these guys, they don't know each other and now they are meeting for the first time. Okay, so these two, we could say: "They met last week." Meaning: The first time they shook hands: "Hi. Nice to meet you." was last week. Now, compare this to "know" or "knew", which again, is the past tense. We have here two friends. Okay? We can call them David and Ken. They're friends forever. Okay? They've been friends for a very long time. In this case they know each other. They have history. It's not they're meeting for the first time. No. They met a long time ago. So if there's history between two people, they know each other. If there is no history between two people and, you know, it's their first time shaking hands, saying: "Nice to meet you", they meet each other. Okay? So this one we would never say... This is a mistake I hear a lot. A lot of people say: "Oh. It's nice to know you." We don't say that. Okay? Because "know" means you met the person a long time ago and you've... You know, you have a history together. For this, this is the first time, we would use "meet" not "know". Okay? So another thing I wanted to say on this is a lot of the times you want to... You know, you want to talk about how long has somebody been friends with somebody or how long has somebody had this person for their teacher. So the... What we usually use is the present perfect, so we often say how long we've known someone. Okay? So "known" is the past participle of "know". So what you can say if somebody says: -"Oh. How long have you known your husband for?" -"I've known my husband for 10 years." -"How long has Dave known Ken for?" -"Dave has known Ken for five years." Okay? So, again, this is asking about: How long is your history? How long have you known each other for? Again, this is key English. It comes up a lot in conversation. When you meet somebody, you know, and there's like a couple, you often say: "Oh. How long have you known Bob for? How long have you known Jennifer for?" Okay? So now let's look at some of the differences with "met", or, sorry. "Meet", "meet with", and "meet up with". Okay, so quick question to you. We've just gone over the difference between "know" and "met". For these two: "I knew Chelsea last week.", "I met Chelsea last week." which one do you think is correct? Well, if you said number two: "I met Chelsea last week." that's right. Oh, okay. "I met Chelsea last week." This one is correct, because usually you know somebody for a long time and we usually don't use "knew" because it makes it sound like the person has died or that you don't know them anymore. So we usually use "know" or we use "have known".
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Thaks for your lesson very interesting
Nansubuga Josephine (6 days ago)
How about never plus knew? Like, I never knew that this Chanel is useful. How about that?
Abraham Adam (19 days ago)
Hello thank you for your help
ivetcita medrano (19 days ago)
I will go out with my friends and it is same I Met up with friends?
Ira Salon (21 days ago)
hi Emmaaaaa,,,I love you so much😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Som Nath (23 days ago)
Tanzina Ara (23 days ago)
I have known my friend shetu since 2010.I met mrs Tahmina tonight. I met with the banker yeasterday.I met up with ema just now for hanging out to see her vidio..
David Danial (24 days ago)
I need more example of meet and met little bit confusion Emma
Omar Mohamed (27 days ago)
thank you so much teachers
Bismillah basit (30 days ago)
Very clearly your voice so I like your voice and your teaching style
Brian Eden (1 month ago)
I just posted a newest documentary to my Youtube channel, please watch it and subscribe to my Youtube channel
Zul Ambia (1 month ago)
I'm super excited,when I watched your video,for me personally, your lesson is very useful for my English, easy to understand, overall I like your accent
Cemile Musayeva (1 month ago)
thanks.Emma teacher you're very good to explain grammar and another things
Carlos Gomez (1 month ago)
you great teacher and you make my English easy with your explanation thanks a lot
Hello, I am a spanish speaker and your videos have been very useful to improve as my listening as to understand better about english speaker. Thank so much Emma <3
tewodros wolderufael (1 month ago)
very good.
m c m (1 month ago)
It sounds so good
Mohd Ismail (1 month ago)
oh.. I got. it was interesting.
Mohamed Saif (1 month ago)
I like your way of education. I wish you good luck, so I have difficulty speaking
jones souza (1 month ago)
Nice to meet to you too
Tulasa Ghimirey (1 month ago)
Hi Emma how are you
Caroleda Wokmeni (1 month ago)
Bafang and English are the two languages that I value the most 😂😂😂
Jacktoil Jacinto (1 month ago)
Excellent class.
Francisco Lobraico (1 month ago)
Have you got any video explaining the difference between maybe/perhaps? Thanks
Benjamin Carrillo (1 month ago)
I felt in love with my teacher
Basic Education (1 month ago)
Interesting video to show the differences between know and meet.
Aza Bey (2 months ago)
Hey beautiful ))
Dr. Vijay Singh Daniel (2 months ago)
very good explanation
shaheer shujaat (2 months ago)
Very nice lecture Mam Emma thanks for teaching us and you are the best English Teacher
panimalar e (2 months ago)
Is it correct to use" meets with specification/regulations"?or use complies with?
kelly mejia (2 months ago)
Meet with and meet up with have the same meaning, the difference is on the context they are used
IndirA Acevedo (2 months ago)
I met Up with my Friends last night no tonight since you cannot use a sentence in past using tonight in the same sentence you have to say I'll meet Up with Friends tonight or I'm meeting Up with Friends tonight if it's in past I met Up with Friends last night Am I Right?
Dilcia Fermin (2 months ago)
Thanks, teacher. God Bless, flora
Claudio Criollo (2 months ago)
Hi, I'll meet up with my friend tonight I met up with my friends last nights or I met up with my friends tonight..I'm confused..can you help me please..thanks.
Jose Montoya (2 months ago)
I got 90 and this is ok for me. Thanks, God bless you Emma.
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the guys on the white board are too weak 😂
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You are bery nice buut so you can speak more slow pleace
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Mam ,I really loved your classes ..can you help me...I have been working in government organisation so I want learn English....I need know advanced English..this is my what's up number 8096886942can your send classes to me
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this is helping me speak English I always make mistakes
fedormusic (3 months ago)
Emma, your videos are very useful for everyone. Thx!!!
Rafael Bruno (3 months ago)
meguellati Zehira (3 months ago)
Thank you so much Emma for the class you are a very good teacher
Hassan Calzada (3 months ago)
Emma, I'm learning so many things by watching your videos. Thanks for always sharing such knowledge. You're light to some of our errors. Thanks again, Blessings.
Bryce Dalton (4 months ago)
She reminds me of my college 101 English prof...
R.V. Peter (4 months ago)
Beautiful teaching
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Very good teacher you are the best I am learning how to speaking English
Abul Nasar (4 months ago)
درش الباشا (4 months ago)
If I cheating with someone's like Facebook I mean in social media and I don't know before or see him can I say.NICE TO KNOW YOU instead of Nice to meet you. Thanks.
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Thanks teacher I'm from Afghanistan and looking your videos because learn very very good!!
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You're great teacher
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you can activate the arabic translation feature for your video😢💔
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Thank you. you explain this very well.
Hoang Thang (5 months ago)
why should u said: met up with my friends tonight with the pronunciation "meet" word, so finally, ether which one is correct? or did u have any mistaked?
Tp Dubey (5 months ago)
madam your teaching is so good that i can not explain .i acquired a lot of knowledge tp.dubey
Tp Dubey (5 months ago)
madam you have a lot of knowledge in teaching .Whenever i saw your video i acquired what i did not have in my dream .tp.dubey
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Thank you very much, what about meet vs visit?
JoseIT (5 months ago)
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You are the best teacher ever
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I'd like to understand the diference among can, may, able
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Great - Thanks!
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Thank you EMMA
Thanks, I love you!
ĐẶNG NGỌC SƠN (7 months ago)
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SomO P. (8 months ago)
This your picture can explain me clear about know, meet, meet with, meet up with. Thank you very much. 😁
arjun gurung (8 months ago)
Now I find that learning an international language is very beneficial to us. I have turned 21 and now I want to be an advanced learner.
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Nice to see again my lovely teacher, greetings from Bolivia
Wonderful explanation. Thank u.
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Hello, I am a native of Brazil and I want to be able to communicate with English speakers, watch movies without subtitles, read any content and understand. I write down words, grammar rules, I try to memorize sentences, but to this day I was not prepared to start or maintain a dialgo, however short it may be. Please tell me what is the point of beginning to study and organize learning.
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Oh my God . thanks teacher Emma you are the best since I begin to wathch your videos I have understood more this language . God bless you.
Dhirender Kumar (11 months ago)
your teaching mathod is excellent because you teach like an indian

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