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You asked for thongs... (Aerie panty try on haul)

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Text Comments (1111)
Gym Booty TV (19 days ago)
Did you miss me?
Russell Mitchell (2 hours ago)
Yes good to see you
PFC Patrick Cordray (5 hours ago)
Great ass
Alberto Aguiar (9 hours ago)
Gym Booty TV yes I miss you and you're so beautiful
jeffmack57 (10 hours ago)
Randy Anderson (10 hours ago)
Yep but saw you tonight..nice ass. Blue is my favorite. .
Gerald Stewart (26 seconds ago)
Ashley, you're so beautiful💝💝
cangil yasak (30 minutes ago)
5:35 my time mmmmmmmmmmmm
Luis Moyano (1 hour ago)
Hola hola guapa
cool music (1 hour ago)
Just for shits and giggles ,you should model some granny panties, trip everybody up. 😍
Roy Wigmore (1 hour ago)
you have a great absolutely awesome booty girl luv it
Roy Wigmore (1 hour ago)
again girl so gorgeous in anything you wear really woow
Devin Henderson (1 hour ago)
5:35 unbelievable bend & lean forward just a bit. SO 🔥! Thanks @gym booty tv
Russell Mitchell (2 hours ago)
Flat stomach omg hot
Russell Mitchell (2 hours ago)
Too cute 😘
Marvin Nelson (2 hours ago)
Hey ash , the last one was nice & comfy fit too I think 👌🏼 ! Thnx for sharing ❤️ ..!
RKG Austin (3 hours ago)
Not skinny enough.
Myself Northpole (4 hours ago)
Waw... youtube is setting the trend to go porn-style
Tafari Hughes (5 hours ago)
I love the way u look in them all and yes u have enough ass for me. looking forward to seeing more of u lov. do have a bless day.
9:26 BIG NUTT💦💦💦💦💦
ghost (7 hours ago)
You are nasty
Miss Mick (7 hours ago)
Wtf is this....
Joseph Patton (8 hours ago)
Another brainless cam girl
Mario Munoz (8 hours ago)
Kinda tranyish
Conor Mcgregor (8 hours ago)
Making thousands of men relieve themselves without coming into contact with them 👌🏽
Tim Whit (9 hours ago)
Are you Italian Portuguese or Spanish from Spain?
Joe Mcmillan (9 hours ago)
Were,s your titties at didn't see any.
ivan chapa (9 hours ago)
Come to Ashland!
ivan chapa (9 hours ago)
So fucking sexy!
Canadab 420 (9 hours ago)
Shake Shake shake cheers Brooke
Keith Bloom (9 hours ago)
Every time I see you on YouTube the song ......hold on I'm cumming... plays in my head....oh my Lord!!! Keep gym booty coming ...
jeffmack57 (10 hours ago)
clyde b (10 hours ago)
ENGİN BEDİR (11 hours ago)
Çok harikasin
Christopher Cornell (11 hours ago)
So sexy
Randy Compton (11 hours ago)
Definitely Smash!
JMCG (11 hours ago)
Alv que buena estas
Larry Faulk (11 hours ago)
Fine as hell
Paul Grimm (11 hours ago)
Mercy girl My Blue Eyes are wide open
Roberto López (12 hours ago)
DicksPC (12 hours ago)
But honey your not giving us mush of a view of your crotch area" Lol
D L R (13 hours ago)
A little thin for my taste, but very attractive. She reminds me of the former adult star "Animalle"!😘
Javier Armendaris (13 hours ago)
Hola princesa luces mui hermosa y sexi bonitas piernas hermosos gluteos bombom
Oscar reco (13 hours ago)
Jesus Flores (14 hours ago)
Un poquito mas de tetas y estaria bien
Epsylom Electrotienda (15 hours ago)
Jason Tisdale (15 hours ago)
Dam that booty jiggling nice
Bano Esparza (16 hours ago)
Nice ass beautiful.
Drew Gayle (17 hours ago)
Dazzling and great !!!!!!!
Dwayne Dye (17 hours ago)
Floyd Elliott (18 hours ago)
That could be the droopiest, least in shape rear end ever. Being in shape doesn’t just mean skinny.
juan jose (19 hours ago)
Flaca espectacular muuuuuuuua
Domingo Canizales (20 hours ago)
Amazingly great
Kenny Dodd (20 hours ago)
Thanks for try on...... Sexy thing u are... last one Peach 🍑 with purple strip looks good on u..... cute Ass shake date Ass!! Bend over next time and touch your Ankles.... please!!
Sean Conklin (20 hours ago)
Just want to eat you
George Santiago (20 hours ago)
your so skinny looks like you jave aids yucky....no thumbs up for disease stricken skinny ruts!!!!!!
L, Na (21 hours ago)
Matthew Mckinney (21 hours ago)
Very sexy
Rodrigo Aravena (21 hours ago)
Poto muy flaco y suelto falta entrenamiento
heavy metal13 (21 hours ago)
at 5:36 hell yeah !!!
Pierre Lalonde (23 hours ago)
Great vid!!
appleguy82 (23 hours ago)
Damn girl 😍😍😍😍🤯🤯🤯
Raul Gonzalez (1 day ago)
O.M.G you're superbeautiful WOW!!!💕🌹💋💖
Dwayne Dye (1 day ago)
Meguel Riddle (1 day ago)
Oh yeah beautiful 10 lovely booty
Tyler Bunker (1 day ago)
Now that is a hot sexy body
james johnston (1 day ago)
Waste if money. She needs nothing.
Clint Ivy (1 day ago)
I want to smell them
youdrawn (1 day ago)
IDK how do I get here, But I love it!!! Now this is true quality content!!!
aris a (1 day ago)
Wow. What a respectable girl. She’ll do g string try on but won’t give a full on back pose. A bit late for that girl
Jim Buc (1 day ago)
Nice bod of course. But you DO know how to edit the dead space out of a video? And we want to see, NOT a side view. but full frontal and rear.
Phillip Abeyta (1 day ago)
Bradley Travis (1 day ago)
Love too suck her pussy juice and dig her pussy out with 10 inches of my cock
Manuel Morales (1 day ago)
You look good in all of them
mr asmr (1 day ago)
Show front more
Mark X (1 day ago)
What a peach I'd eat that all day long😻
Jon Gover (1 day ago)
Hi video was nice but to make it better you need to stand with back directly to the camera and bend forward to show how the material fits through your bum and over your pussie! 😛❤
Marvin Castillo (1 day ago)
Damn u nice hot beautiful bootylicious 😍👅👄💜💜
Valley Boy (1 day ago)
Love your cakes just like they are !!
Michael Thomas (1 day ago)
I am so stiff right now! I can’t stand up yet, gotta let it go down!
Tim Holtzapple (1 day ago)
Beautiful super sexy i could just look at her all day everyday and it looks like a nice spot to lay my face and nose in the possibility lol
hakisaki (1 day ago)
Amazingly beautiful ))
Nelson Cerritos (1 day ago)
Umm! Yummy 😍😗 nice and tie😍
Flyboyz Forever (1 day ago)
Cant stop looking at that's sexy ass beautiful
aztec warrior (1 day ago)
😛😛😛😛😛 I'm in love with you
C Zahnter (1 day ago)
Exercise that ass to get your dimples back in those cheeks
Rahil Arora (1 day ago)
I love small boobs 😍
Joost Vlot (1 day ago)
babe what a god dam hot frame you have so sexyyy
Magnu Persson (1 day ago)
The purple was lovely 👍🏻👍🏻
PONSE (1 day ago)
Forgive me lord for I have sinned.
valentino galaviz (1 day ago)
work out that azz, tighten it up
coffy n rohan (1 day ago)
9:04 i those hands made me jealous dear honestly....lovely pretty cute sexy hot smooth yummy panties looking great on your bubble butt its amazing and hottest body ever....and sorry to say this i jus feel something after watching this sexy video thanks for upload always more love n hugs from me dear want to see some satin panties from you please make a video
FmXsTaR (1 day ago)
They are all my favorite
Puneet Sharma (1 day ago)
Ken Farmer (1 day ago)
Beautiful and sexy
Steve Reynolds (1 day ago)
Let a bbc stretch that a bit baby
Narciso Veloz (1 day ago)
Teach them how to look or have a body like yours better after that the G string will look or fit better like it does to you.
Kevin Barbour (1 day ago)
I like the lavender they show that split good.
Jack Stone (1 day ago)
Am from jamaica but live in England my frien I like yr style very nice personality trust me
Fernando Gomes (1 day ago)
Jack Stone (1 day ago)
What country u live
George Tucker (1 day ago)
Marc B. (1 day ago)
i'm hook...
kalismooch (2 days ago)
Fat puss an ass
Lindsay Hampton (2 days ago)
I bet you taste good

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