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You Know You Are Dating a POLISH Woman When...

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I'm Ewa. From Poland. Where is my drink? https://www.instagram.com/datingbeyondborders/ We focus on dating around the world in weekly videos. Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/iIjGsB Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarinaDating FB updates: http://www.facebook/datingwithoutboders http://www.datingbeyondborders.com http://www.instagram.com/datingbeyond... Business/personal emails: datingbeyondborders@gmail.com CREW: Jason Tojeiro @jay.film (video/editing) Directors: Marina Iakovleva @datingbeyondborders Co-Writer: Chandler Qian Actors: Ewa Placzynksa @ewaplaczynska Maxime Guittet @emixam23 Agata (Polish friend) Chris (best friend) MUSIC: Youtube Audio Library Filmed in: Toronto, Canada
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Van Thorpe (13 hours ago)
Polish women...….hmm I can write a story to melt your heart.. I loved my Polska..
Blue Cross & Red Pill (15 hours ago)
European women, in general, like to talk to educated people unlike Brazilian women, who only talk about food, having fun and fashion.
The picture is very beautiful and wonderful for you. My greetings and what surprised me, just a beautiful smile for you..💓💓💓
iiCloud Domi (2 days ago)
for all the polish peeps right at the very end it sounds like they shouted 'Six!' not hello/bye :))
Jc Dias (2 days ago)
Absolutely gorgeous.
United M (2 days ago)
Sultans Of Zing (2 days ago)
You know you are dating a POLISH woman when the German and Russian guys are picking on her for no reason >=(
Chris Fitness (2 days ago)
You should re-name this video don’t date a polish women
Lil UnicornVlogs (4 days ago)
Lol I’m a polish girl
lallan topz (4 days ago)
hooo i love polish women already, Eva Paachiski is soo sweeeet.
MisterSir (4 days ago)
polish women are 'highly intelligent' ...who writes this shit? show me the data that indicates polish people are higher iq than any other country? pah. i met a polish woman once who was 9/10 but clearly mentally retarded.
FBMaximUm (4 days ago)
Make Ukrainian!
prashant choudhary (5 days ago)
Anyone in Delhi want to date Delhi boy
girl from Republic of Georgia told me about her experience in Warshaw. She lived there for a while. every weekend Young Pollaks getting so drunk then.bang each other in a bushes. in a parks. She only can compare that drinking with Russians... ahhha brothers in drinking ...and puking... take finnas in your sick company.
R41n R1d3r (6 days ago)
I heared rumors & myths that polish woman are one of the most open to polygami in the world.
Hugh Mongus (6 days ago)
You know you're dating a Polish women when she loves to be gang banged by Germans and Russians.
Godtuber Adibu (7 days ago)
When.. The winged hussars arrived
Zaurkax14 (7 days ago)
Jan Petrov (7 days ago)
I noticed all these videos are pretty much Hipster. 😕 Ugh
Aska calumpang (7 days ago)
I hope u can make a video about when dating a polish man
DeltaWaffles (8 days ago)
Dated a polish girl once. She had huge national pride
Hazin (9 days ago)
Lol, I love the part where she had to go back inside, my polish friends do this kind of thing all the time. I used to think it was OCD, like asking every store clerk when they close as they leave a store even if they know they will never go to that store again and going back into the house after leaving and coming back or a few minutes later every time.
Ricky Rybicki (9 days ago)
I love it, I'm polish 100 percent
Thank You Jesus 77777 (10 days ago)
If you cant hang with them. Eat some pierogis and you'll be good
Serhiy Mazur (10 days ago)
O kurwa!
TheLeonardoMagno (11 days ago)
So I think love polish girls!
Draguken (12 days ago)
Polish woman are truly beautiful in everything. Mind heart and body.
DonPetrushka (12 days ago)
Heeeey! Almost everything here fits Russian girls, too!
・ ・ (12 days ago)
I love slavic girls.
Alexis Lewandowski (13 days ago)
Is there one for a Polish guy? Lol
Justice Warrior (13 days ago)
Do they make good faithful wifes?
XxMaxTheProxX (13 days ago)
Not all polish girls are like this some are exquisite 👌👌🇵🇱🇵🇱 Guarantee I'm polish so yeah 😍😍😋
Marius Taranu’ (13 days ago)
Love 💕 this
Eric Goldberg (14 days ago)
Dan D (15 days ago)
3:36 so Wozniacki name ,it's like "Wozniacska" correct to say ?...lol Caroline Wozniacska/// i always said wrong this name with "cki" in the end
Charlie S. (3 days ago)
+Transformata Mellina Thanks for the info ON the Polish women's names- I appreciate it. Personally, I kind of like that the names end with an a. I think Kasia is a Fantastic name that's Fun to say, and Karolina, Marta, Kinga and Agata , Etc (the Duda ladies' first names ,right ?) are cool, too,in MY opinion. AgatHa is how I see it spelled In the USA. AND thanks for the warning about Hungary. I guess I'll never TRY to order dinner in Budapest!! :-) BUT... EVEN with my VERY limited Polish, I can still say Pierogi, Bigos,kielbasa ,Zurek AND golabki (or golumpki?), and Pączki, SO I Should be OK when I finally am able to visit "MY" niesamowite (I may have used/spelled that incorrectly) Poland!! Plus, I am good with saying Dziękuję Bardzo, SO I I'll have good manners when I'm there. :-)
Transformata Mellina (3 days ago)
+Charlie S. Polish or Russian are not toughest languages. Hungarian is, as fuck XD Almost all polish female names ends with '-a' (except from 'Noemi'), yes it's a result of our law. Polish law anticipated christening by only polonised names, from a list (there was ab. 10k names, I guess). So, You won't meet a polish person called 'Xavier'. So, if You met a polish girl with name, which doesn't end with '-a', then she just lied (XD), or aglicisated her name. Or simplified it, because e.g. she's called 'Świętosława' and it's impossible to be spelled by not native XDD Almost all french, german or english old female names are polonised - so in Poland there is no 'Justine', but 'Justyna'; 'Jeanette' but 'Żaneta'; 'Susan' but 'Zuzanna', and so on.
Charlie S. (3 days ago)
+Transformata Mellina It's so complicated!! I NOW know why Polish wasn't taught in my schools growing up, as nobody would've been able to pass it!!😀 Also, I've noticed that most - BUT NOT ALL - Polish female names end with an "a. " Was that once a law, OR is that a myth??
Transformata Mellina (3 days ago)
+Charlie S. If You want to denominate the whole family, You should say "Woźniaccy" XD It's like 'The Woźniackis'
Transformata Mellina (3 days ago)
+Charlie S. It's cause they're second or even third generation Americans. In English there's no inflection for gender as it is in German, Polish or Russian. In slavic languages there's even inflection for gender of proper nouns like surnames.
DUKETV/shoty (15 days ago)
Yo I taught that this gonna be hate vid But this is actually nice
Giannis Melas (15 days ago)
Beautiful people with values. Greetings from Greece.
Vasil Svolopoulos (15 days ago)
One of my closest high school buddies is Polish. And his sister turned into an absolute stunner. Yikes.
K. Petelski (15 days ago)
great video! When is the Polish guy video being released?
Richard Robinson (15 days ago)
Can you do a video on Scottish women, possibly bearing in mind the three classes?
Samantha Zig (16 days ago)
How about Latvian
ungratefulmetalpansy (16 days ago)
she's super cute, I was in Poland a long time ago and everyone was super nice and I loved the food
Dynåmø Gåchå (16 days ago)
peep (16 days ago)
... she steals your credit card
ThePositivewave (17 days ago)
Cute lovable women !
Frank Gallacher (17 days ago)
Irn-bru the best of the best cure for hangovers
ANSNify (18 days ago)
I thought Polish prefers to be called Central European to Eastern European.
_BlackCøla_ (18 days ago)
I am Polish ya know... AND I'M A FUCKING GIRL.
Ben Jammin (18 days ago)
Dated a few polish girls...... not sure about your entire list buy you're 100% right when you say they're laid back.
Pablo Barrios (18 days ago)
is this the oida girl? https://i.ytimg.com/vi/iuXR53ex4iI/maxresdefault.jpg
Antonio Rivne (18 days ago)
5:20 - its not correct. It helps when you have a hangover, not when you drunk atm ;)
D3MoN F4iL3r (19 days ago)
When she steals your heart
Serg Orton (19 days ago)
Polish women are one of the best!.
DailyLifeWith PM (20 days ago)
EASTERN EUROPEAN. Don’t say that in poland we are are own type of people
Fred Bonett (21 days ago)
Don' t embarrass youself - show a little class - learn manners
jmbbao (22 days ago)
6:12 it is placinska not -ski
Erwin Hun (22 days ago)
Maybe should get myself a Polish gal. She would be miserable in our cold Swedish weather though.
LoHoVi (22 days ago)
after watching this video for the second time i realized it's ewa placzyńska! the oida-girl!!! :D
W. Devarien (23 days ago)
I've beaten Witcher 3 seven times. Who wants to touch me? (My pick up line if I were in Poland, and is also the truth)
W. Devarien (6 days ago)
Good to know. I got some gaming to do. Not much left to do on Witcher.
Transformata Mellina (6 days ago)
If you want to flirt with polish woman tell her you've beaten Gothic several times XD
Ayayona LittleEagle (24 days ago)
White People are so weird ....
Miranda Sabres (24 days ago)
and A Men polish?
Merciless Moose (24 days ago)
iz someone floing you? I'm going to bid em up
wabi sabi (24 days ago)
Great video. 😊
rando (25 days ago)
Alison Mihailovich (26 days ago)
Polish women are absolute Kurva '' ! I know them well . The moment the husband does not make money and she lives him . Garbage wife's !
Seracon ek (26 days ago)
This seems to be veeeery accurate ;D Nice job :)
Roberto a (26 days ago)
Now I'm hungry...
Ruoppo (27 days ago)
You Know You Are Dating a POLISH Woman When... She's a prick.
nemodso (27 days ago)
Polish women are easy. Come to Poland for free fuck and chlamydia
Hyped (25 days ago)
Haha nice one mate. I laughed so hard xdd
Mattias Alexander (27 days ago)
Z polski women are amazing :) Good women
Miguk Moonpark (28 days ago)
... she call her tampons "Winged Hussars."
RekerSlay NN (28 days ago)
I hope she doesn't play Cs cuz if she does you're going to hear a lot of kurwa matka and other shit that they say
Martin Grnáč (29 days ago)
5:08 "Are you okay ?" , "Nie", Lol he was drunk enough he starts speaking polish :D
R.A. (29 days ago)
veronica bielik... look her up.. thank me later.. 😎
Anamul Haque Ruman (30 days ago)
Kurwa 🙄
Simsa (30 days ago)
Hyped (25 days ago)
Shut up dumbass
yokartik (1 month ago)
I'm very familiar with polish women. Misha Cross the goodwill ambassador.
Ben Benjan (1 month ago)
Zabciu 🐸 such a funny girl.
Rex Bibendi (1 month ago)
Ale super, że w odcinku o Polsce jest taka sympatyczna, fajna dziewczyna :)
Ev Ju (1 month ago)
Where ist the video about polish men?
Transformata Mellina (6 days ago)
+Ev Ju Polish guys alre quite similar to Russian guys. Poland is a conservative country.
Hyped (25 days ago)
+Ev Ju he's mentally ill or something. Btw good point
Ev Ju (26 days ago)
+The Slavic World of Weles from Navia You dont need what?? I just want to see the opposite. They show a polish woman but not a polish man
Ev Ju why u need movie about us? Where are u from? I dont need it
Ev Ju (26 days ago)
+The Slavic World of Weles from Navia I dont understand you
dhiraj kumar (1 month ago)
I think irish and polish girls are the whitest among all probably
Nester Beauregard (1 month ago)
Before I saw this, I believed Israeli women were the best, but now I think polish gals are my favorite category of women tbh :) <3
Mr Banananana (1 month ago)
*When she makes u pierogi*
Pet Mot (1 month ago)
Being with Polish woman is A next level as you need to be intelligent,manly , with goals in life - career and family ,have balls if you don’t she will leave you ..- I have dated different nationality and some girls needs are a lot different. - living in uk
Dirty Negrete (1 month ago)
Would be interesting to date one
Strange Person (1 month ago)
You called her a ski at the end...... omg..... -_-'
Zahira Chavez (1 month ago)
He's so handsome
Fire Fist (1 month ago)
Billy Jenkins (1 month ago)
..when she smashes your house up, accuses you of shagging your own sister, gets drunk and attacks you, causes trouble with everyone, makes a fucking mess of everything and yet still thinks she's fucking perfect..
Billy Jenkins (24 days ago)
you're welcome son.. just remember that nobody is always entirely right, and nobody has all the answers.. not even me lol have a great day!
Gibbon (24 days ago)
+Billy Jenkins I just got shivers from your comment, i totally needed this information! Thank you so much and have a great day!
Billy Jenkins (24 days ago)
just be very careful with women.. you have to know one for quite a long time before she shows her true colours, but they usually start to show after a period of three weeks.. I've noticed this time and time again.. they keep up the façade for about three weeks, then they can't maintain it anymore.. control your heart, don't let a woman control it or any part of you, keep your money for yourself.. don't spend too much cash on one and don't let her borrow any.. good women that actually like you only want your time.. I still talk to women, I still have sex with women, but I'm living alone for the rest of my life now, I need my space and I don't need everything I own destroying ever again.. for some reason women get away with enormous amounts of vandalism.. I'm not going to fall in love in a hurry.. we have a whole world full of women, lots to do, lots to explore and enjoy.. always put your own happiness before hers because she puts hers before yours.. they're just made this way and can't help themselves much.. women have 'fish love' for men.. watch the video about fish love.. you know a woman really thinks a lot of you when she really listens, respects your wishes and considers your feelings to be equally as important as her own.. it takes a truly mentally matured individual to be able to do this, an adult.. and just don't take any crap my friend.. as soon as they start to be rude, shout at you and stuff like that, just tell them it's over and MEAN IT! ..turn around and walk away because things only ever get worse, and they won't change for you.. people only change when they are ready to, but first they must realise they need to.. and since we live in a world full of arrogant people that think they're perfect already it's actually hard to find a fully-fledged adult with some real mental capacity and wisdom.. your own company is always the best in the world
Gibbon (24 days ago)
+Billy Jenkins Aww.. Sounds awful. I have 0% dating experience so i wanted to ask. Well i know many bad examples of women in Finland, so you're not alone.
Billy Jenkins (24 days ago)
yes.. put me off the idea of a relationship with anything ever again!
alex vorobyov (1 month ago)
Nobody understand slavs, but only another slavs. I'm Russian. And Russia very similar, and very different too. Like writing on Cyrillic. :-) Славянская краса - особенная стать.
Demonologist (10 days ago)
+alex vorobyov ❤❤❤
alex vorobyov (10 days ago)
+Demonologist Amen, brat!
Demonologist (10 days ago)
+alex vorobyov Da... Mezhdu nami strashnaya istoriya slavyane dolzhny derzhatsya vmeste a ne voyevat
alex vorobyov (10 days ago)
+Demonologist durno bilo voyevati polakam I russkim v 1611, 1812, 1924. Mi sosedi I bratia po krovi
Demonologist (10 days ago)
+alex vorobyov aaa ya ne panimayu cyrylica :(
Arsalan Quraishi (1 month ago)
Inshallah if Allah wills I wish to marry a pious practicing Christian Polish woman and I am a Muslim is it possible for me to do so
Arsalan Quraishi (24 days ago)
+Gibbon I got your point are you from Europe do Muslims and Christians live peacefully in your country how do you view Islam
Gibbon (24 days ago)
+Arsalan Quraishi "not all Muslims are bad" This is why i said "BAD Muslims" and not "Muslims", sorry for the confusion! But European always think "one bad, all bad"
Arsalan Quraishi (24 days ago)
+Gibbon I live in central Asia I am not an immigrants PS not all Muslims are bad
Gibbon (24 days ago)
+Arsalan Quraishi Bad Muslims are known of the bad behaviour around the EU. So everyone thinks now Muslims are bad.
Arsalan Quraishi (1 month ago)
+shoshana 86 please explain to me why?
Allazhar Duisenbek (1 month ago)
This is so lovely, could you do a video on Japanese women ?
chaveraoh (1 month ago)
Szokujące miłe zaskoczenie. Czysta i prawda 😁
ignacio centola (1 month ago)
That's the oida girl
Tomasz Wawerski (1 month ago)
Oh my GOD you traitors of our Nation, Mother of God is looking at you and cries. Her Holy baby Jesus will punish you, you are going to suffer. You'll die in hell, if you don't make the second part.
Зачем британцев рассолом травить😁чипсы и пиво
William Singht (1 month ago)
Better never date slavs. Polish and similar haha
Cee Tee (1 month ago)
Polish women tend to be somewhat old fashioned, usually religious. Very family oriented so if you don't want kids forget it. Many only date Polish men and hang in Polish circles so be mindful. I'm Polish and I usually avoid them. Just too pressuring for my tastes from what I've seen...
Elena L. (25 days ago)
Polish men are really good. We have friend - he brings me always Ptasie Mlechko which I adore :-)
Kasia (1 month ago)
6:11 Me SO MUCH everytime anyone in Germany where I live now is trying to say my name xDDDDDD At some point I just gave up on correcting people xDDDDDD

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