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Look forward to or Looking forward to?

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This is one of those grammar points that drive people crazy. You learn a rule in school e.g. to + infinitive, and later you learn there are exceptions to this rule e.g. look forward to + ....ing. This is the reason why "look forward to" causes so many problems and drives people crazy. But, there's no need to go crazy. Just watch this video and find out all about "look forward to". If you are interested in doing a business English course or would like business English courses at your company, please get in contact with me: email: neil@neilcollins.de For general information, feel free to visit the website: www.neilcollins.de If you would like more information about Neil Collins or Neil Collins, Business English Training, feel free to click on these links: https://de.linkedin.com/in/neilcollinsberlin https://www.xing.com/profile/Neil_Collins4?view_mode=preview https://www.facebook.com/BusinessEnglishBerlin/ https://twitter.com/irishinberlin Former address: Neil Collins Business English Training & Coaching Senefelderstraße 15 Prenzlauer Berg 10437 Berlin Current business address: Neil Collins Business English Training & Coaching c/o Akazien Campus GmbH Akazienstr. 3 a 10823 Berlin
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Text Comments (17)
Bruce Wayne (25 days ago)
This time we will do this together
Andres Chavez (1 month ago)
this video has answered my question so quickly!! thank you very much for the time you took to make the video.
Neil Collins (1 month ago)
That's great to know. Thanks a lot for your feedback, Andres.
Alin Lyrviss (2 months ago)
Thank you, Neil! Such useful and well-explained grammar points.
Neil Collins (1 month ago)
You're welcome, Alin. Thanks a lot for your feedback.
hasan emami (2 months ago)
I'm looking forward to watching your next video.
Neil Collins (1 month ago)
Thanks, Hasan. I took a break from YouTube but I will start making new content again soon.
John Litin (6 months ago)
sir; what is the difference between these two sentences: 1. i am looking forward to the visit of my relatives. 2. i am looking forward to visiting my children. i am a little confused with the first one as to who is doing the visit.
Neil Collins (5 months ago)
Hello John. In sentence 1 "the visit of" means that your relatives will visit you. In sentence 2 "looking forward to visiting" means that you will your children. I hope my explanation is clear.
Jéssica Leal De Mattos (9 months ago)
Neil Collins (9 months ago)
Thanks a lot! :-)
Tania Hunt (9 months ago)
Very useful! Thanks a lot! Looking forward to other videos :)
Neil Collins (9 months ago)
Thank you. That's nice to hear. I hope you find the other videos useful as well.
박은진 (9 months ago)
Thanks you♡♡♡
Neil Collins (9 months ago)
You're most welcome. :-)
Youssef Mohammed (9 months ago)
Thank you 😀
Neil Collins (9 months ago)
You're welcome, Youssef.

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