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Taylor Swift - Blank Space

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Text Comments (546507)
2019? Mad in Thailand 🇹🇭
anime girl (2 hours ago)
Ur so gorgeous that I was enchanted at ur one glance and I just shake it off to all those who say shitty word about u and u r such a beauty that i could never imagined in my wildest dreams
ljiljana popovic (2 hours ago)
The Blank Space is very good song
Alexis V (2 hours ago)
Dynasty mdr 😂
Manish Mitra (2 hours ago)
Can someone please inform me ... What is the guy(Sean) is wearing above his coat ,during 0.49 ... It would really help ... Thanks a lot...Have a great day...
syed syed (2 hours ago)
Who is lisining in 2019 😗
Noah Struck (3 hours ago)
166 5:43 pm
funda kılıç (3 hours ago)
Türk var mı
Afia Saiyara (3 hours ago)
What’s ur fav song from Taylor swift?me:blank space nd love story well all of them ♥️ u Taylor swift
parth arora (4 hours ago)
queen Amiira (4 hours ago)
2019 February
Astro Master (4 hours ago)
Who Is Listening In (Insert Current Month) of (Insert Current Year)?
xuan xuan (5 hours ago)
best song
SeNniN (5 hours ago)
That awkward moment when blank space is all you have next to you. :/
Hamdan Kaep (5 hours ago)
High School-Er (5 hours ago)
Im here bcuz Merlin edit by allonsy.mp4 😂😂
Trí Đức Trần (5 hours ago)
Amakusa Shirou (6 hours ago)
Ohh no it’s a cancer comment section I better leave
evolinav daddy (6 hours ago)
Không có chó ba đầu canh giữ địa ngục chơi luôn ba con chó cho oách 😂
Dalia Roka (7 hours ago)
you are amazingggg!! I LOVE YOUU
Ahmad Hussein (7 hours ago)
Taylor gone mad
Dika Parte (7 hours ago)
Raveesh Tewary (3 hours ago)
Who want this super song to reach 3 Billion landmark?? 😘
Sheena Burch (8 hours ago)
My soon to be 6yr Jam 2k19
funny wolf (8 hours ago)
My favorite part is when she says "I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream" and "I get drunk on jealously"
Panzer IV (9 hours ago)
This video is much,much more dark than I remember
lofiyo (9 hours ago)
cant believe this was 4 years ago... time goes by so fast
Sagar Magar (9 hours ago)
Who is listening it in February 2019 ?
duda free fire (10 hours ago)
2019 e eu aqui curtindo o som kjljkj
Tazkia Amalia (10 hours ago)
Mhd Fadil (10 hours ago)
Even The Other New Song is Added., We Still Play This Song Forever ❤️👍👍
Apolo 1143K2 (10 hours ago)
Hey taylor I wish I was your bf Im almost like you 😂
RighteouSinner (11 hours ago)
Taylor inspired me to start making Music again - I aspire to make a song with her some day. Mark my words!
Andrea Anderson (11 hours ago)
I love you Taylor
Lay Bur (11 hours ago)
I would not wanna mess with taylor if i was you
Giselle M (11 hours ago)
Moral of the story: Don’t mess with Taylor Swift
AbbyQ (12 hours ago)
Hi Taylor I’ve always wanted to meet you in person me and my mom really love your songs when you go on tour me and my mom will try to go we don’t care how far we will have to drive or take a plane but we will always love your songs me and my mom will never stop listening to your songs and we will never stop loving your songs I really really really really really hope you see this comment love you
Keith Kogane (12 hours ago)
Omg look at that face bill swift here from flex tape 😂😂😂
aluna Flores (12 hours ago)
OMG Sean Opry 😘😍
Carmela Pajuelo (12 hours ago)
1 japa (13 hours ago)
2019 e eu aqui ❤
Joe Smith (13 hours ago)
Sad a year later i am still alone and she still going around with show pony joe. I have gotten my ass kicked literally taken over the world and still i wait for her answer. She may hate me now i still sit here day after day at a homeless shelter who took advantage of my kindness. Getting messed with by all kinds of losers. I ve done alot in my story. Once again i never asked to be an under cover god. Non stop messed with over shit google runned devices lies out the ass. By faggot maggots no offense to the gay community. Sorry i supported you but i get messed with every day. Be retards and shitty people. Have to beg for food or scraps or smoke shit laced cigarettes i literally healed a guy who got the shit kicked out of him named rick Bentley and the fucker torments me cause i asked him for cigarettes. Like his fucking brain was hemeraging.. Never doing it again
My favorite music
karylle Claire (13 hours ago)
February 2019💓💕
Rita Gonzalez (14 hours ago)
2019 february?😍❤
Carolina de Brisac (14 hours ago)
whats interesting about who is listening in january 2019 ughhh thats not INTERESTING
iknowyounaut (14 hours ago)
Amber Styles (15 hours ago)
Poor harry😂
Walacy Oliveira (15 hours ago)
Beautiful músic!!💗💗
AeNHiGMa Replay (16 hours ago)
02/21/2019 I'm here again
Yusuf Ali (16 hours ago)
Who is listening in March, 2019?
richard france (16 hours ago)
I get drunk on jealously
Snake - (16 hours ago)
I got a list of exes baby and I'll write your name or I got a list of haters baby and I'll write your name..... or something else.
Edgar Daniel (16 hours ago)
Name of the model
blink_ bangtwice (16 hours ago)
Hwan 9895 o Yu (17 hours ago)
Korea 2019❤️?
Emma Holder (17 hours ago)
I love this song
Jeffrey Keith Horne II (17 hours ago)
Why am I getting weird Acrimony vibres from this song, lol. God Bless.
im nee (17 hours ago)
I love you 2019?❣️💎
Jonathan Sanchez (18 hours ago)
Soy de México me gustan tus canciones Taylor swift ven a México algún día
mĩĺìţøř tube (18 hours ago)
Eva Kh (18 hours ago)
اغنيتي بسنة أولى جامعي 😭
demon (18 hours ago)
sara chan (19 hours ago)
i love u tailor swift
coffee n’d books (19 hours ago)
I still hear "Starbuck's lovers" EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 😂
Who's there in February 2019? Like❤ for Taylor Swift 😍😘
Umeshchandrareddy. Uc 7 (19 hours ago)
I Am listening this song in 2019
שמעון קרן (19 hours ago)
Shelbi Moran (20 hours ago)
Ruron ́ro Ken (20 hours ago)
Who is listening 2019 March?
Fahmi Rivul (20 hours ago)
GG Unicorn (20 hours ago)
February 21 anyone 2019
GG Unicorn (20 hours ago)
2019 anyone
Vijaya Baskar (20 hours ago)
Next song I am waiting
Hari Sirigidi (21 hours ago)
Who ready to listen again in April
camila e mari (21 hours ago)
黒澤ダイヤ (21 hours ago)
黒澤ダイヤ (21 hours ago)
MAGIC STARS (21 hours ago)
GZ STRIKE (21 hours ago)
If i get 1000000 likes on this comment taylor swift has to make song for T-series😍😘😍😀
MAGIC STARS (21 hours ago)
kalana saho (22 hours ago)
Fahad Keyani (22 hours ago)
Who needs calendar if you have comment section
Hắc Miêu (22 hours ago)
Feb 2019 💋❤😘
MAGIC STARS (21 hours ago)
me 4ever
Nguyễn Lê Minh Trí (22 hours ago)
who listening now ???????? -2 0 1 9
Vijaya Baskar (22 hours ago)
Hi swift
MAGIC STARS (21 hours ago)
hi I am a swiftie !
Rv Akash (22 hours ago)
AuzzieBat (22 hours ago)
Wow Bart baker stepped up his game
Jhonnattan Eilish (23 hours ago)
Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
lana hm (1 day ago)
Ali Suhali (1 day ago)
hi im i like song
Don Viki (1 day ago)
Who's listening in march 2k19 ??? Like here🤙👇
izunia kiti (1 day ago)
Kto z Polski
Enigma The INFJ (1 day ago)
0:48 Hades & Cerberus(?)
Muge Sarikaya (1 day ago)
boosted mafia (1 day ago)
JustLyrics (1 day ago)
*Freakin starbucks lovers whats wrong with you*
JustLyrics (1 day ago)
*Saylor Twift*
Nephicool (1 day ago)
STARBUCKS LOVERS??!?? XDDDDD☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
Adam Maillet (1 day ago)
magic, madness, heaven, sin
Casandra Koertgen (1 day ago)
Michael Jackson's Ranch
Casandra Koertgen (1 day ago)
It's about 3 and 1/2 hours of from the Pea Soup Motel
Vincent Ang (1 day ago)
this song reminds me of my ex box 360 it was a really good console ):

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