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Dating with a massage shop woman in Vietnam, Beautiful Vietnamese girl who crushed on me

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Text Comments (177)
Bruce Lee (9 hours ago)
..great story Nomad..so u gonna tell us her ph number🤣🤣🤣
DemocracyDoctor1 (21 hours ago)
Brudah Nomad, we got to get you Red-Pilled and AWAY from your cuckery. You do NOT "date" HO's. Remember, you pay a HO to go AWAY, NOT stay. If you ever find a lady who has NOT ridden the cock-carousel until the wheels glowed Red-hot and melted off, ask her to coffee. Do NOT get formal OR spend any money. Just coffee. If she impresses you, ask her out again. Nothing formal, no "dating." Just relax and talk to her. Figure out if she's Bat-shit crazy and how much cock has been run through her. Can she hold your interest? Is she smart OR dumber than a box of rocks? When you stop dating these HO's, you can relax and enjoy yourself.
DemocracyDoctor1 (21 hours ago)
OK Brudah Nomad, this was FLUFF w/o any meat and potatoes. Here's what we need to know to get some understanding of Vietnamese THOT's: How many guys have pumped this HO? How many guys has she blown?
Joshua Toms (1 day ago)
What a nice girl I did not know it was like that there
Doug Hartsell (2 days ago)
I would love to meet some of these young ladies. They seem so sweet.
kesayo (2 days ago)
Wow. Did I just watch a video where some douchebag who wanders the world fucking prostitutes tells a poor woman who works hard to support her family that she should be ashamed for not being more selfish and do her own thing? He had the incredible good fortune to be born into a circumstance that allows him to live irresponsibly and instead of genuinely trying to help people he goes around trying to tell people how to live their lives like he’s the messiah of poor asian hookers. And then he makes a you tube video bragging about his worldliness compared to destitute villagers. Must be great being you.
Robert Escudier (3 days ago)
In Vietnam family is the first and most important relationship . There is no support system or social welfare and the family looks after each other through all the tough times. The girls are sweet and support the parents ,who are invariably old and not well off, is what almost everyone does . About 5 million dong a month is a fairly normal salary out of which they feed themselves , pay for room and utilities if from out of HCMC and send some money home . Just great kids .
marme joseph (3 days ago)
Ohh Such a nice video I liked it
Stray Wuan (3 days ago)
Typical Ding Dong! Dont go to other cultures and tell them how bad they have it!!! The west is not that great BING BONG! They have been doing this way LOOOONG before we tried to "rescue" them...people are fine, trust me!
NetCerpher (3 days ago)
Are you truly that naive? Bless your heart.
Robert Maddelena (3 days ago)
Wow didn't excpect the story to go like that. You did the right thing . im sure there are many ladys there with similar stories. It sad way to earn. But good for You to show her different.
Deplorable Dave (4 days ago)
I dated a traditional massage shop(no happy ending at work, anyways) woman in Phuket. She was 30 and a widow, no kids. Looked 20. Very orgasmic, she was.
WodahsLuos (4 days ago)
carl gostling (4 days ago)
What a heart felt story you did something she will talk about and remember for the rest of her life
Battosai Himura88 (4 days ago)
I admire your guts MAN.Comments said Be careful coz the Asian girl n her family will just milk you dry..How about Western women they 'l milk you dry also for Divorce n Alimony! And its in Dollars MAN. 😎
Joseph Schmidt (4 days ago)
Desperate foreigner!
Yo mama so fat (4 days ago)
did she give you baby massage? thats my favorite
Longo (4 days ago)
The girls are getting pimped by their parents. There is something really sick in that godless culture.
My name Is him (4 days ago)
"As I have never paid money for meeting a woman so far" I love when guys say that lol
100% (4 days ago)
She wasn't lucky to meet you ! You put her face on the internet ! I think you are full of shit ! Love yourself more bla bla bla. You are an idiot. Put your own face on the screen.
inimacam (5 days ago)
What the name of music at 6:46 please anyone. Good vid Tq
Know All (5 days ago)
Let me guess she subbed to your channel? 👍🤣
Nitin Patel (5 days ago)
Great video very good
I.M. FUKT (6 days ago)
At the end of the date did you give her a kiss on her cum stained lips?
SS Tan (6 days ago)
Asian culture is totally different from western.That is why most westerners,except the very rich, die alone and not with the family. You would consider odd and doesn't comprehend.You would once you reach old age and not able to die comfortably in your sleep.
Notice me senpai.
german411 (6 days ago)
So did you Boink her in Her Butt-hole,I would have.
SuperDrJeckyl (6 days ago)
This was incredibly sad and sweet.
Gabor P (7 days ago)
So in Vietnam a big family all they need is 1 pretty girl and as a whore she can support her 15 member family. Bravo ! Instead of that 100$ you should advice her school and education and only 1 or max 2 kids are the way to go. All over girls telling you stories and many telling the truth but then as long as a man comes like you giving out 100$ bills all fine. Like throw money to those little boated stomach black kids after a Safari who runs beside the car vegging ! Shame on you ! Also promoting dating scammers and whores !
Darnell Hendeason (7 days ago)
That was a great dog!!!
SMK (7 days ago)
Captain save a hoe over in Vietnam
Peter H (8 days ago)
Seriously or are you being sarcastic...?
Scooter (8 days ago)
Anyone know where this massage parlor is in ho chi minh?
David Barnett (8 days ago)
Do NOT be a 'white knight on a white charger'! Ever!
I still can remember my Vietnam classmate studying in UK boarding school spending fifty pound per mother / three month for scholarship Also in Swiss hotel management school (West part of switzerland ) the international vietnamese students is good at studying ( but ugly ) ( unable to become girlfriend >_<' in 2:00 don't visit the currency calculated in united state of america dollar ( it is for foreginger that the price getting scam and double even more ) pay as Vietnam it don ( Vietnam dollar) is more valuable why don;t go to four star hotel compare to those one - two star B.H. ( it seem to be dangerous ) yes , 40 USD per month , That is why all electronic hard disk manufacturing or hardware electronic factory moving from south china to Vietnam however , Don't be confused with <<Vietnam poor citizen>> compare to <<capitalism Vietnam Government children and trust fund kids >>, they are flooding into The biggest U.S. shopping district likes NYC the fifth adv , San Francisco / , Hollywood , belleville hill , hoston , Florida or any high end shopping mall with luxury car to buy any Villa and apartment that cost ten or hundred times compared to general U.S. born Caucasian citizenship holder!!! in <<bangladesh country>> or <<Laos country>> their <<Freelance>> / working teen lady is much lower price, but due to their ugly darker skin don;t attractive much sexy torusim . P.S. the highest price of Working lady in western Europe country likes Nederland ( Dutch ) / Norwegian country and Danish Female / also luxumbish and Belgium working lady as well Does the Author using Google Translate for communicated to the local Vietnamese lady ? or any tourist guide or any .VN domain website for Translating ? this is Vietnam stock exchange https://www.hsx.vn/
Richard Jones (9 days ago)
shes adorable i want to rescue her
DemocracyDoctor1 (21 hours ago)
WOW! I haven't seen that level of Simping, Manginary, in DECADES!! Do NOT play Captain Fucking Save a HO, cuck. You can't save anyone.
Scott Murphy (3 days ago)
So she can dump you when she gets her green card? Grow up, all these dink women want is the fuck OUT of veet-nam. And at $40 a month, ain't communism wonderful? Maybe if these fucking millennials spend a year over there they would realize just how truly fucked up they are and how good they have it in a capitalist society.
steve justice (9 days ago)
@Nomad it is fun to white Knight every once in awhile like you did with this girl but she will likely never change. Her love for family is to great and she is to far gone into that life. While I have heard of a small number of women changing the odds are considerably against you...your heart is in the right place even if your head isn't. Love this video.
steve justice (9 days ago)
I would like to recommend a movie called "P" if anyone would like to understand how famliy concerns and especially other women push these young women into this life. It is in Thai and stars thai actors but was directed by westerner. The first 20 to 30 minutes really shows how a young girl from Si Seket (issan) can so easily end up in a place like soi cowboy in Bkk. The rest of the movie isn't that great but I found the first part to be a must watch for anyone new to SE Aisa.
Thomas Paine (9 days ago)
God bless you Nomad
davycorky (9 days ago)
Quality vid class
what does crushed on me mean? Im lost. Musta been one one helluva BJ!
Sam Jewellery 333 (9 days ago)
nice video.good work.nice forcusing.
areyouexp4 (9 days ago)
good vid i enjoyed it
Nadira Nadira (9 days ago)
Why u don't just marry her , n give her good life....do it man u can....
Gary Williams (9 days ago)
Would that really be a good life for her ? I am thinking he used her as much as a regular customer. He toyed with her emotions then walked away.
[-_-;] (10 days ago)
Beautiful story. For my next trip I will go to Ho Chi Minh City...
Dana Jones (10 days ago)
3,000 America $ a month ?
cgimofo (4 days ago)
+Trenton R No its per month. Average salary in Bangkok is higher compared to other places in the country also.
Trenton R (6 days ago)
I think it is per year
Mahmood Hussain (10 days ago)
Thank you for your videos, It's really a beautiful channel Nomad.
Mahmood Hussain (10 days ago)
The Vietnamese are so so kind and beautiful, Please keep focus on Vietnam.
Carl Kocis (10 days ago)
Poverty, cheap things, hot girls who take advantage of white men who have a couple of bucks. Boring and predictable. Get a life, please.
Gary Williams (9 days ago)
They are not taking advantage of anyone. These men know exactly what to expect. If anyone is taking advantage of anyone it is these white men.
Q M V (10 days ago)
Cultures clash. Western culture (USA): many American parents absolved of their responsibility once their children reached 18 (21 for some). In Asia, grown children have the responsibility of taking care of their parents. Westerners are much more independent of the family unit, where as in Asia, it's a duty to pitch in to maintain the family well being. Both has its pros and cons... By the way, she actually called you "Nomad?" A big laugh had she understood the meaning. Glad you gave her a nice compensation tip for leaving early, they live a bittersweet life.
nerdi loo (10 days ago)
True - and it's just Asia that focuses on family, cultures in the Caribbean, South America etc.. You're not kicked out of the house just because your're a certain age, you don't put your parents in old age home and many mother 'customs'. It is bittersweet life for everyone everywhere. Westerners may have glitz and bright lights but they rush through traffic, having breakfast in cars, popping pills for ulcers, and there is little femininity/beauty - just pseudo social interactions (twitter, facebook) and money no family values.
Christopher Holland (10 days ago)
We can't judge people because of their situation life has dealt them.
Peter H (8 days ago)
Another bleeding heart liberal... If they stay in that situation, just keep walking...
wa tsan (9 days ago)
I would gladly massage and give oral pleasure to ladies for a living, no shame no regrets
RCrazeE (10 days ago)
I am very pleased of how you reacted on her when she offered the extra services. It should not meant to be, fighting for everyday living is painful to some. Here in my country Philippines. I did what you did not once. Every time we hang out, my past boss, going into a PUB, to drink some beer of course there are many Guest Relation Officer or GRO for short to accompany you during your happy hours. My eyes saw this girl one time, and offered something, she taught i wanted to HACK her, but what she didn't know was I wanted to know her life. Why she pick this kind of a job? Same as what you write on your subs. For the family. That is maybe how Asian people are living their lives. After being born when they grow up tends to take care of their families, for me, they are kept in a cage to explore the greatness of our earth. In the contrary, Asian countries is not like of those Western ones, that when you reach the right age, you should be living by yourself. Asian isn't like it. It was in the blood of being a family oriented scheme Human Beings. And sometime, If I was only a rich guy like JACK MA, perhaps i'll be building a company that will keep all of them away from their current jobs, and put them all together in a nice production firm company with a competitive salary. Thank you for this NOMAD TV. Great job!!!
Brilliant mate, well done!
Dan The Man (10 days ago)
The #1 priority of all Vietnamese women is to care for their parents financially, even when they are taken out of their country they will make sure they can get $$ to them at all cost even if they have to leave either husbands, their parents control them even after they marry. Ive been a witness to this for many years.
Victor_ Salas (8 days ago)
Being from the West I sympathize with your feeling, the truth is that in the West we can have many experiences and more personal opportunities, but it is also a reality that we are societies with great problems and a search for insatiable satisfaction. A healthy loyalty, perhaps pretending less with healthy and strong family ties are part of a culture that is difficult for us to understand.
Rocco Conte (10 days ago)
lets see you refused a bj,orhj from her but asked her out for a date, i must be missing something.
Healthy Hack Hub (10 days ago)
You should have got a blow job bro whats wrong with you?
Gary Williams (8 days ago)
+wa tsan In Thailand they call Ladyboys. In Philippines it is Billyboys.
wa tsan (8 days ago)
+Gary Williams it's call lady boys or trannies
Gary Williams (10 days ago)
Maybe he likes guys better.
TheRst2001 (10 days ago)
I think you could have had a hand job and still go on a great date :)
Ali Zarar (10 days ago)
Painful death by HIV
Ali Zarar (10 days ago)
Ali Zarar (4 days ago)
cgimof Ur comment reflects your FILTHY BLOOD LINE 😋
cgimofo (4 days ago)
+Ali Zarar Hey monkey, HIV cannot be transmitted through saliva. Google it.
Ali Zarar (10 days ago)
Gary Williams (10 days ago)
You can get neither from a hand or blow job.
easymoneynch (10 days ago)
Hand or blow job. LOL
Happy Sisters (10 days ago)
Oh no, don't become their boyfriend or husband. Nomad boy, you will be taking over all her pain and suffering role if you do it. She will stop providing her misery family and you take over that role. You cannot be a nomad anymore... Sad life till the end. Her family will keep extort you for money endlessly.. if you wanna date, at least take the educated ones with no family problems especially money. Save yourself please.. some of these women are single moms in secret. Some still has husband in secret.. the baby fathers will come and harass you.. save yourself.. these girls has thousands of contact numbers of men in their phones.. their local men don't even go and date these massage ladies. unless... you wanna to be Captain the Savior TV
DemocracyDoctor1 (21 hours ago)
Let me translate this from bitch-speak to English: Do NOT play Captain fucking Save a HO!
y2knoproblem (6 days ago)
+Gary Williams Only if you have a lose-lose mentality.
1st Page Google (8 days ago)
sad but true... it's not just there... it truly happens in many asian countries... i live in the philippines... it can be like you describe but, not so much!
Gary Williams (9 days ago)
+Christmas Trees They are not the ones on here bad mouthing Asian women. I get the feeling you are gay and hate women. Maybe because you like to suck dick and just don't like being with a woman, or maybe you just can't get one.
Vince D' (9 days ago)
#Happy Sisters ... now this is what I call a professional advise. Well done.
mike makuch (10 days ago)
There are a lot of really good woman in V.N.. They are not all Hookers! Family is pretty much everything to them and they should be Admired and Respected for that! Good thing I am not over there, I would have wanted to help her also. These Women are pretty much Forced into this Lifestyle to take care of the Family! God Help Them!
Paul (10 days ago)
Reading the title immediately makes me think this guy is not normal.
Vince D' (9 days ago)
you got a point there
Alvin Leong (10 days ago)
Men always pay in one way on another since the days of Trojan war... do you think Helen will ran away with Paris if he was not a prince? In the end... his brother got killed and the whole kingdom went down cause of a woman.
Juan Amaya (10 days ago)
Harsh reality nice video...music not so much...keep the good work mate!
Christmas Trees (10 days ago)
typical. white guy with a little cash goes to a poor country to make himself feel like a God
motorcycleguy73 (10 days ago)
Great video you made me cry......
Shitestirrer69 (10 days ago)
Nomad when are you going to help her setup her own massage parlour ?
rasel sharker (20 hours ago)
DemocracyDoctor1 (21 hours ago)
Yes, BUT only if she swallows!
Peter Wilkinson (10 days ago)
Whereabouts is it I'll be there next Month
David Beauras (10 days ago)
WTF! She felt like Cinderella in one or two hours with you, then pumpkin, hope that doesn't hurt too much.
Phi Hng (10 days ago)
After your so-called dating, she will think at least twice when another foreigner ask her out. Because of you, I have no chance with her LOL.
DemocracyDoctor1 (21 hours ago)
HUH? You have no change with a message parlor HO? Mee-fucking-oooowwwwwwww!
David Beauras (8 days ago)
+Vin So Something wrong, it's a video from Minos last year, not from Nomad, Nomad = Minos?, or stolen vidéo?
mike makuch (10 days ago)
Sounds like you have a Problem there Hop-Sing!
heyjudedont (10 days ago)
I think you made her feel something special. I want to say stop this kind of "dating", that's bad for you and her, but the other hand, if no "dating" like this, there will be no video ( by the way excellent video! that makes me think it's like fucking "Pretty Woman" movie ).
brisbanerugby (7 days ago)
+Christmas Trees not that you would stereotype? Heaven forbid? You have a chip and by commentating you get relief. I'm beginning to understand your pain.
Vince D' (9 days ago)
difference is, Hollywood movies provide you with a fake Happy End....
Christmas Trees (10 days ago)
heyjudedont  perhaps they find European men attractive but I am not sure any girl actually can fall in love with a man she cannot even communicate with. women need a little more than looks to fall in love. I believe they go with white men pretty much only for money/better life. also, I think most white men there are ugly and old and probably fat lol
Christmas Trees (10 days ago)
Jean that is good to hear
heyjudedont (10 days ago)
+Christmas Trees Asian girls , so Vietnamese girls, feel the European man attractif: tall, blond hair, blue eyes, not too much macho or patriarchal...And I think as a woman, she hope for love, stable life, family...Dating, having fun, party, friendship,etc...
Luc Bosquet (10 days ago)
Lucky bastard, you did the right thing, stopped it before it hurts the feeling.
anwion (10 days ago)
Wow what a story I bet you were in similar situation with other beauties too.
Gary Williams (10 days ago)
I feel you do not have a deep understanding of the Asian culture. Caring for their families is an integral part of their upbringing. This is unlike the western cultures. I think it was unfair for you to ask her out if your intentions were not for a relationship. The money she paid her boss were a great deal to her.
rasel sharker (20 hours ago)
hmm wise
Christmas Trees (7 days ago)
+brisbanerugby i would maybe see more value in it if i hadnt seen some of this guys other videos, which focus on exploiting the red light districts. western men going over there to take advantage of the poor is one of the worlds biggest tragedies. i just wish the govts could do more. vietnam and cambodia have made it illegal for foreigners 50+ to marry in their countries...that is a small start. i am asian myself, by the way
brisbanerugby (7 days ago)
+Christmas Trees but stories like these need to be told. That is better then anomalously donating money to a charity. I can see the value. You have been making some very disparaging comments throughout.
Gary Williams (9 days ago)
+Christmas Trees This old man can still kick your ass, but you talk shit and don't have the guts to meet and run your mouth in person. You are probably a teenager still living at home, or even a middle aged guy still living in your mommy's basement.As you can see i don't talk about your mother as i am more mature than you and since i do not know her there is no reason to talk disrespectful about her. It is just to bad you turned out to be a POS son for her. I am sure she is very sad about it.Now it is time to put up or shut up. Com meet me if you dare.
Christmas Trees (9 days ago)
+Gary Williams lol in another thread, you just referred to older women (over 30 perhaps?) as dried up old hags and you are telling me respect people?? your mother, if alive, is a dried up old hag. and i am sure you are a dried up old man too LOL
Buck (11 days ago)
Sounds fishy to me.
Jean Boseau (11 days ago)
I love your story.
Edward White (11 days ago)
Take the hand job. Trust me.
Scooter (8 days ago)
Why, Edward? lol
wa tsan (9 days ago)
did you catch something in saigon
figo putin (11 days ago)
Damn, fantastic video!Lucky you!
Bigboy B (11 days ago)
https://youtu.be/ZGHPFU5gpjk?list=PLrYMkFKthV9h05WhovHDNoHfG0lwBy1vr samevideo minos tube
Nomad TV (10 days ago)
nice catch! minos=nomad.
PC-FX! (11 days ago)
You never see videos about "dating with a thai/viet/filipina woman working as an investor for a bank or with a clerk in a law firm..
Rick Strickland (3 days ago)
+Christmas Trees But yet you still view the video's....
brisbanerugby (7 days ago)
+Christmas Trees yeah, sorry about that. I was doing some work in Japanese and hadn't changed the script back to English. Thought I'd just leave that there.
Christmas Trees (7 days ago)
+brisbanerugby impressive! is that japanese?
brisbanerugby (7 days ago)
+Christmas Trees 残念ながら (that's a shame). I don't think Nomad is 65 and the girl isn't underaged, but draw those conclusions, if you must. Paedophilia should not be tolerated and the churches have a lot of responsibility for this as well. I guess there are issues in Southeast Asia that need addressing and my male bias is overlooking this. Making people aware of the issues is key (and yes some of his other vlogs follow a theme).
Christmas Trees (7 days ago)
+brisbanerugby sorry i cannot see it that way. i have to look at the big picture. its poverty and exploitation and sadness and tragedy and disease and death. its all part and parcel of the same thing. 65 yr olds who go to villages to shack up with teenagers or pedos who go there to rape kids...to me, its all part of the same machine. i am sure that, as a man, you cannot see things the way a female would. you would see this video as bittersweet and romantic....but i can see what this girl has probably been through and goes through on a daily basis
Dave Nelson (11 days ago)
Nomad, I don't pretend to know what you are about, but this was yet another cool video. Keep them coming.......
Thai Style (11 days ago)
3-4 k sounds a lot. I suspect she was ''sowing seeds''.
Thai Style (9 days ago)
+Vince D' What country are you referring too? 100USD is possible in one night but with so much competition , it is unlikely that would be achievable every night.
Vince D' (9 days ago)
#Thai Style... I think a $100.- a night is possible in a good massage shop. Depending the prices for the extras... which I don't know about in Vietnam.
Discharge Summary (10 days ago)
Thai Style of lerv 😍
Philippine Travel (11 days ago)
I'm married to a filipina and never had to support her family and was never asked.
08yallvon (11 days ago)
No way she accepted the individualism as a way of life, in Vietnam the good family ties hard coded in their DNA! That is why she did not take the $100 bill...
wa tsan (9 days ago)
this is an angelic woman trap in a hellish life, Nomad you tried to save her, good on you!
Adam Publiczny (11 days ago)
$3k per month ??! Chicks are always better off than guys...
The Swizzler (11 days ago)
Filipinas are like cute mini latinas
roguemale TheOne&Only (11 days ago)
+08yallvon They are relentless at getting you to go into either property or the family business-niether of which will ever be yours.
08yallvon (11 days ago)
+roguemale TheOne&Only you alway everywhere pay more, it's called "fine print", "strings attached", "hidden price"...😀
roguemale TheOne&Only (11 days ago)
And are deadly-hook up with one and you'll be paying for her,the family,friends and the dog.
Real Space Hobo (11 days ago)

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