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I’d love a white girl 🙏🏽 That’s my goal
outdoor man (15 days ago)
This video is so funny has me roaring. Excellent humor and acting. Now I got to find out what it's like dating a white woman.
AbsoluteMdot (17 days ago)
White women are the most basic looking women on this planet. Nothing special and they all look the same.
Uqpaa Handy (7 days ago)
And who cares
Relax Bro John (11 days ago)
So freaking true
Jonathan Asmerom (19 days ago)
A bit too much with her saying n word in the kendrick lamar skit but overall cool video.
JavenAndSara (19 days ago)
Only time she was allowed to say it 😅 Just for the video.
Michori James (20 days ago)
still love white girls..though cant find one
J (6 days ago)
How come ?
Jenna Flory (21 days ago)
White? She look and sound latina
Noel Deyne (23 days ago)
Vid was wack
Noel Deyne (7 days ago)
+Johnny U. No. Black boy. Its just dumb as shit. Any logical person could see that. Then again, u werent able to see that so...😐
Johnny U. (7 days ago)
Noel Deyne you mad white boy
Charlie Rock (26 days ago)
I like honey oats. that's a good cereal 😂 new sub here bro. I wife is from Bosnia and she is not like the reality. Like the vid tho
Cecil Adkison (1 month ago)
That was supposed to be a automatic ok lol
Cecil Adkison (1 month ago)
Yeen hitting it right if she don't cook for ya
Quintilious Jones (23 days ago)
Exactly...Sara can get it tho😏😏💯💯💯
Kellycat122 Johnson (1 month ago)
Kellycat122 Johnson (1 month ago)
Kellycat122 Johnson (1 month ago)
Lol lmao 😂
Sechaba Mokoena (1 month ago)
The dancing 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥throw it up girl
lonnielrc (1 month ago)
you both our great keep alot of stuff private. between you and your woman
Jessie Roden (1 month ago)
Sorry but interracial shit is wrong....when a white an black habe kids it makes a race that is not suppose to exist....an it fucks with the kids....my cuzing is a white lady an has a mixed son an at around 10 years ild he xame home an asked his mom....what am I moma.....gods honest truth....an asked her wht was he different from every one else....an that he didnt lile the way he was an wanted to b white.....when I heard that it broke my heart for that boy.....an now he is 18 years old an he still as confidence issues an is so shy an does nothing but stay n his room playing x box an does not speak even when spoken to....an I believe some of his issues stem from bieng mixed....poor guy has issues with his self....an it's his moma fault...
passpace10 (2 months ago)
It lowkey like fr fr 😂
FAMOUS AJ (2 months ago)
Jupiter111 (2 months ago)
The dream of each black african male : To fuck each white raced women, especially those who are blonde with blue eyes.
Rea Postell (2 months ago)
Lol they match
proto401 52 (2 months ago)
Dont date our woman
ASuperSomali (1 month ago)
Jess (1 month ago)
woman can date what they want
Exiria (1 month ago)
Lol! Once the alien invasion goes full blown you'll be happy to see your women with any human over an alien. It's all about perspective.
Frikin Ninja (2 months ago)
So the moral of this video is to never get a white girl cuz you’ll be disappointed!
Agnieszka Rzecznik (1 month ago)
And what??? With white men its not possible? 😂😂😂 becouse i dont understand... you mean that only black men have dic&# and are able to do sex ? This is that mentally differences 😉😉😉 acordiding to white women to... its not only big sexy ass to slave... we have jet totally difrent mentality... we are not study few years to be slave ass... that movi is showing women as an object wich is worth something only when is good moving ass... realy... women mostly have jet brain...
Frikin Ninja (1 month ago)
Gmoney b You’re a freak!
Gmoney b (1 month ago)
Never well that's not what my white wife's black boyfriend says about her, they have been making love for about five years now, actually we all make love together and I lick him all over especially after she cums all over him. I also love to kiss her while she sucks his big sexy cock and I lick his sexy balls and ass while she sucks his cock,me and the sexy wife tounge kiss while he unloads all over our faces I love it
Agnieszka Rzecznik (2 months ago)
Yes you dont finde easy slave
Jacque Dez (3 months ago)
When she threw it at him I lost it😂😂😂
D.J. Shadow Kenshin (3 months ago)
Aleksandar Kan (3 months ago)
I am Bulgarian and i am LAUGHING . Macedonian women are so funny
Story Daniels (4 months ago)
She said nigga...This is what happens when white girls get black D
Ly Francis (4 months ago)
Oh man!! I was laughing…
Architecture Whisperer (4 months ago)
Fearnoevil2017 (5 months ago)
MaNAME JEFF! (6 months ago)
White girls are hot as fuck. But they got ugly loyalty.
Patricia the booke (6 months ago)
Black women are jealous of white women people are ashamed to admit it.
AME NAOMI\\ (5 months ago)
not all of us honey I would never want to look like no white girl
Raven One (9 months ago)
Most White woman are arrogant snot. She's only a pawn in the video big ass kisser
Hello, Sidney! (10 months ago)
This disgusts me.
Xxx A.K (22 days ago)
Lysie (3 months ago)
You disgust me, haven't you had enough plastic surgery?
Master Jay (4 months ago)
You pale skin is disgusting you need some pigment
Architecture Whisperer (4 months ago)
Who cares what you think.
Shooken Sis (4 months ago)
Lol racist ass hole
Isabella Hasten (10 months ago)
I loved everything about this😂
Gmoney b (1 month ago)
Me too
Milton Thornton (1 year ago)
Marija' Z (1 year ago)
3:59 hahahahah
J Nea G (1 year ago)
this looks exploitive....the other Iterr on here dont do THIS stuff! Love her dont "Show her off"
ASuperSomali (1 month ago)
*J Nea G* Legit tbh
JODYJOE (1 year ago)
Jealous much
Jorell Street (1 year ago)
Backspace (1 year ago)
pozz od mk XD
te te leanna (1 year ago)
Wayne Kennedy (1 year ago)
TheYolo GUY (1 year ago)
Guys,can u tell me the song name at 1;50? btw i love your videos !
JavenAndSara (1 year ago)
Humble by Kendrick Lamar, & thanks!
BigBrotherW (1 year ago)
Hahaha, I simply cannot get enough of you guys. But wait, didnt you have this video uploaded before? What happened to the original one?
BigBrotherW (1 year ago)
JavenAndSara - The things you do to entertain, and now you can barely post music, unless they come from Kevin McLeod to avoid copyright strikes.
JavenAndSara (1 year ago)
Copyright claim. Unfortunately had to remove it & repost it with minor adjustments. But thanks for watching again! Love the support!

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