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Going LIVE Saturday, December 22nd at 1pm PST! Don't forget to tune in :) Thank you everyone for the follows! Go follow my insta: daisykeech :) hi babes. Here is another try on haul for you guys! I hope you guys love it! Shop Lounges 3 different collections! @loungeapparel @loungeintimates @loungeunderwear Use my discount code!! DAISY10 You can get all of these items at https://loun.ge/DaisyKeech Stalk me:) Instagram: daisykeech Twitter:daisykeech snapchat: daisyapril Business Inquiries: daisysfit@gmail.com
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Text Comments (40979)
Andrew Arriola (5 hours ago)
Dalton Love (15 hours ago)
She definitely listens to Metallica
Eric Bland (20 hours ago)
4:19 damn, that red is hot.
Fachrenheit Sven (21 hours ago)
I want to make babies with you darling
Nick Christensen (1 day ago)
Woody Rooper (1 day ago)
Please take your pants off so we can see your fanny.
Big Smalls (1 day ago)
34 million views..none were woman!
Migue Sotero (1 day ago)
enmi mexsico
Migue Sotero (1 day ago)
mi musa
Basilio Pablo (1 day ago)
Wow your are very beautiful baby girl and so sexy 😎😍😘
Im 8
nawafnk (1 day ago)
I Just learned a lot about underwear Fashion 😂😂 I think you should do this every week.
I understand why this is age restricted. But at the same time it still shouldn't be, there still isn't any nudity and she doesn't make it sexual in any way
E.H. Lipton (2 days ago)
Could put the description too the side, but oh no,, she's showing off her beautiful face,, not the panties. Too modest/inhibited.
Across The Across (2 days ago)
This makes me so hungry.
proyecto grupo (2 days ago)
Genia, Ídola, que viva !!!
Jhonathan Lopez (2 days ago)
Sería mejor q se pong comjuntos completos hilos bracier
world variety sider (2 days ago)
Nice bikini
datoorion (2 days ago)
Black isn't a color
ATM sOS (3 days ago)
XStreaM Night Gamer (3 days ago)
Im a guy...
Christian Hill (3 days ago)
I want to fuck u sooooo hard😥😥😘
장전동존잘러 (4 days ago)
there are still hope in this world....
Roger Coh (4 days ago)
stupid thomas (4 days ago)
34 million horny dudes watching this
XxyaboiD0mxX memester (4 days ago)
Daisy keech = lazy kooch
XBassBooostX (4 days ago)
I got so hard by watching this video and now i have hole in my pants fuck sake.
Soul Blood (4 days ago)
Your underwear is can see trough..Hahahaha you even not care that hahahaha
Anonymous Bosch (4 days ago)
This woman could do a glasses try on haul, and I'd watch it.
Mamak Kutty (4 days ago)
Your body so sexy..i want make love with you
Pankaj Kataky (5 days ago)
Try to body
mouhamed mouldi (5 days ago)
Yolanda Frenchman (5 days ago)
sara its me expi paisly pee pee swoops
Luis Enrique Perez (5 days ago)
Jack (5 days ago)
Bet she doesn't listen to metallica
iskandar zul barry (5 days ago)
damn the pink one make me want to have anal with you
brianmathew09 (5 days ago)
whats funny is...my girlfriend looks and has an azz just like this..but...she is such a headache...i just bailed on her..she cried..i almost caved...but held fast....but i miss that azz every single day.
Brian Hunt (6 days ago)
BEAUTIFUL BOOTY😮😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑
Brian Hunt (6 days ago)
OMG SO🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
福田武蔵 (6 days ago)
blackbird 419 (6 days ago)
Yuk ur a shaver
LeirbaG OnE (6 days ago)
Is she a virgin?
BIKINI sexy (7 days ago)
J. Martell (7 days ago)
te la mamo toda flaquita. ;)
Bearie roblox (7 days ago)
I'm watching this video for research purposes only, i am an intern at birdman corporated btw
Eli Rios (7 days ago)
Your the most beautiful female I seen...... I'm in love for real. Holla
So , i didnt follow up with oriental chunky. Your guys keep my mind off the purse. Legalize cameltoe with laws. If the cover is unrated it shouldnt be recognized. Keep it real .
Hairyface Gambino (7 days ago)
My boner broke my desk
Roy Yazzie (7 days ago)
Happy Valentine's mydear 👍 🙌😉😘 just love your show
C M (7 days ago)
Ricardo Reynoso (7 days ago)
Hermosa mujer y muy lindo trasero 💓
Pavithra Elizabeth (7 days ago)
I feel pervy watching this I'm going to leave now 😂😂😂
James Loma (7 days ago)
Ruby thong and bra take it!! That looks hot. That Classy and sporty look . . . Ooooof!
Daniel El Pollo!! (7 days ago)
La mujer perfecta no exi.....🤤🤤🤤😍💖
Ihsan Ramdani (7 days ago)
Naha aing aya didieu wkkk
Zeus xaloc (7 days ago)
Unormal sexy😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Zeus xaloc (7 days ago)
You need g-String
Grangerfire Alkaline (7 days ago)
33 million views.
Sam Gato (7 days ago)
Do another one..
Charles Nascimentos (7 days ago)
Linda i gostosa demais amor 😘
hell block (7 days ago)
small tits? no no no.
Azier PlayingYT (7 days ago)
Do you want some yummy lets have fun
Roberto (7 days ago)
1:45 Sólo vine por eso ;)
Casual Caveman (7 days ago)
I like!
TheVenom160 (7 days ago)
Holy f**k that’s hot
Laurentiu Bute (8 days ago)
This is called new way of prostitution....no matter the way you put it.
Juan Nuñez (8 days ago)
I Need you mamasita my queen i am Lucifer :)
halfrousseau69 (8 days ago)
there's 10,000 interested in underwear here, and 32.5 million interested in this girls a$$... thumbs up for the second option ;)
Magma fire (8 days ago)
I would like to smell them
Trevor Martinek (8 days ago)
mmm....that pussy wet ain't it hun
Mike Williams (8 days ago)
Good ass but small tits
Bring The Rain (8 days ago)
You'd think with the number of people in the world that you couldn't possibly pick just one person to be the most beautiful. Every time I watch one of your videos it reminds me that it is entirely possible. With the eyes and the voice of an angel, you are so beautiful that it makes my heart ache. Only God himself can create something as beautiful as you.
Adriel Guevara (8 days ago)
hola cosita preciosa
Hola Soy Abel (8 days ago)
Es dificil escribir con una mano
Hola Soy Abel (8 days ago)
1:59 esta noche entrenare muy duro xd
dazzerstar (8 days ago)
is this what its come to trying on sexy underwear on youtube! more respect for porn actresses
dennis brown (8 days ago)
I'm here to read the articles
cornplumb80 (8 days ago)
I like literally like almost wanted to like hang myself like while this like video was literally like playing. I'm like an idiot like millennial like so like I literally like have like no clue like what like real life is like like or like what it is to like work like a tax paying like American like literally like can't like stop like typing like the word like and literally...
cornplumb80 (8 days ago)
By the way...I wonder if she's like literally ever like listened to like Metallica or like metal like literally ever like her her like life...
1TRY2008 (8 days ago)
Dose anyone realizes how blond this chick is... AIR HEAD!!! SORRY BUT ONE THING IS YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL..
Tony Quigley (8 days ago)
This has NOTHING to do with helping you girls find nice see through underwear, and has everything to her trying to start a career in look at me, im too entitled and beautiful to have to work for money
Like por quien piensa que ella es bonita
xRazvan (8 days ago)
you are so cute,i love u❤❤
PS ansari (8 days ago)
Love you
SoL x Grunt (8 days ago)
Damn you gotta fat ass
Raimundo Nonato (8 days ago)
Loira linda!
Kylo Ren (8 days ago)
Fap fap fap
yashwant choahan (8 days ago)
Sunny Bee (8 days ago)
The title should be, "How to gain tons of money in YouTube" hahahha she so sexy! 😍
MONICA ROCA (8 days ago)
✌✌ Cool love metallica ✌✌
Marvin Blaine (8 days ago)
Love your fashion style!. Love your face, eyes and personality. You are stunning!
Akash kumar Behera (8 days ago)
Pl show it boobs n want to fuck harder
Bee Bush (8 days ago)
Help my you
Elijah Valentino (8 days ago)
soft 😶😯
Öko Rider (8 days ago)
How much bikinis do you habe?
Paulo Cesar (8 days ago)
So sexy
Camel Roar (8 days ago)
Shaza_booboo (8 days ago)
This is almost soft core porn lol
Pretty Massage (8 days ago)
I love your body ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
MDKArtist (8 days ago)
Why do the captions keep getting in the way ;~

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