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12 Things That Ruin a First Impression Immediately

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Scientists have proven that we form our first impression about someone within the first 7 seconds of meeting them, and 55% of the first impression is based on appearance. Pay attention to 12 common things you should avoid not to ruin the first impression. In his research, psychologist William F. Chaplin found that people with a weak handshake are instantly judged as being shy, anxious, uninterested, or even completely incompetent. If you place your hands on the table, don’t squeeze them too tight or lay them flat with your palms down. This makes people feel like you want to control them. Also, don’t forget about the role that culture plays here. A 2007 study showed that people who maintain eye contact during a conversation are often seen as more confident, attentive, intelligent, and trustworthy. Try not to focus the conversation only on yourself and your issues. It’s always a good idea to be attentive to your conversation partner. Tapping can indicate nervousness, irritation, or impatience. People might even think that you’re purposely trying to irritate others or draw attention to yourself. And while cracking your knuckles can help relieve stress, it’s one of the most annoying sounds according to a survey by The New York Times. A study from the University of Essex showed that even just having one’s phone on the table next to them reduces a conversation’s quality and the participants’ engagement. So leave it in your bag or in your pocket. Running late to a meeting with people you don’t know or have a formal relationship with will shed a guaranteed negative light on you. You’ll seem like an unreliable and unorganized person that doesn’t respect people enough to value their time. Music: About That Oldie Vibe Tracks Josefina Quincas Moreira Merengue de Limon Quincas Moreira Pink Lemonade Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music TIMESTAMPS A weak handshake 0:38 Keeping your hands in the wrong position 1:25 Chewing gum 2:15 Avoiding eye-contact 3:01 Playing with your hair 3:41 Picking the wrong conversation topics 4:25 Invading someone’s personal space 5:07 Making distracting noises 5:49 Constantly checking your phone 6:34 Forgetting people’s names 7:23 Being late 8:00 The wrong attire 8:47 SUMMARY -If you wanna give the right impression of confidence and capability, remember to grip the other person’s hand firmly and for no longer than 2 seconds. -Put your hands on your lap if you want, but never keep them in your pockets because this gives the impression that you’re hiding something. -Chewing on gum makes you look immature, self-centered, and somewhat low-brow. -Don't be afraid to lock eyes with another person from time to time instead of constantly looking around, especially when you meet them for the first time. -If you tend to play with your hair when you’re nervous, try to kick this habit, you could be sending them the wrong message. -Play it safe and avoid the general “taboo” topics out there. They include health problems, money, religion, politics, or personal problems and complaints. -When it comes to meeting someone for the first time, keep a minimum of 4 feet between the two of you. -It can be nearly impossible to control nervous tapping, but you have to try, especially during important meetings or presentations. -Even if you’re just checking the time on your screen, it comes off as extremely impolite when you do it during a conversation. -Immediately repeate someone’s name after you’ve been introduced. In case you forget the name, just play it cool and try to avoid using phrases where you have to name the other person. -Leave your house in enough time so that you don’t have to run to your meeting. You’ll be all disheveled and unfocused, and that looks bad too. -If you’re meeting somebody for the very first time, again, especially in more formal situations, try to be conservative in your choice of clothing, be polished, and don’t use heavy perfume or tons of makeup. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (7 months ago)
TIMESTAMPS A weak handshake 0:38 Keeping your hands in the wrong position 1:25 Chewing gum 2:15 Avoiding eye-contact 3:01 Playing with your hair 3:41 Picking the wrong conversation topics 4:25 Invading someone’s personal space 5:07 Making distracting noises 5:49 Constantly checking your phone 6:34 Forgetting people’s names 7:23 Being late 8:00 The wrong attire 8:47
Jason Fontenot (2 days ago)
The man are. So cute
Dokpun Kutum (1 month ago)
*Your Timestamps and Summary in the description box are pretty useful*
dalip singh (1 month ago)
3:01 no. 9 ?
Johnry Almento (2 months ago)
Johnry Almento (2 months ago)
Ch Jahangir (16 hours ago)
Confidence is everything
musab Khan (18 hours ago)
I have a bad memory what I do sir
bcRk bc bc (19 hours ago)
thank you so much for this video because this video full inspired me. now iam 24 yearsold but still I can't do tolk with eye contact another else , I hope this video does help me.
Anita Carson (1 day ago)
I am impatient
Crow (1 day ago)
jokes on them, I have anxiety
Jake Ivler (1 day ago)
smile 😁
Jason Fontenot (2 days ago)
Ok and all of the videos are on the way home and we will be best
RexAppeal (2 days ago)
How do you invade someone's space during an interview?
Adan Eglesias (4 days ago)
bad breath definitely ruins everything
Maria Gu (4 days ago)
But this is not working 😔😔
alliemo62 (6 days ago)
This channel had a HORRIBLE first imoression!!! STOP WASTING PEOPLE'S VALUABLE TIME
dr.agagauwa uwa (7 days ago)
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Did you think I was joking?
ThatOne Guy (8 days ago)
i once went to a job interview wearing sweatpants and a red shoe, i was accepted but never called again
ACTIVE MEDIA (9 days ago)
Great side 😃
Jazz Black Valcin (10 days ago)
U forgot the 11th bad breath🤣🤣🤣🤣
brandon oneal (10 days ago)
What film/actress is this scene from at 2:50 ?
Karanvir Singh (10 days ago)
2:05 no...i m Indian and it's not like that 😂
Jeysi Candace Suaring (11 days ago)
I do weak handshake all the time as I have hyperhydrosis issue. And it eally lowers my self esteem.
dylan burns (12 days ago)
I honestly am having a hard time with this I’m to god dam depressed knowing how fake everyone is. friends have a expiration date like milk.
Gedi osman (13 days ago)
Laughing alot
BRIGHT SIDE (13 days ago)
Cheese Cake (14 days ago)
3:48 that chick is hot
Zyc Pets (14 days ago)
mmmm....taking to someone that your mouth has a bad breath
Tadas0730 (14 days ago)
Felicia Sheppard (14 days ago)
Bad Breath
Blanca Gonzalez (15 days ago)
my fav video <3
vishal kumar (15 days ago)
But who counts that a girl touch their hair 18 times a day,???
Shaik Saif (17 days ago)
It's really annoying for me when YouTubers advertise their channel in the beginning it would be better to advertise at the end of the video because if the person likes your post he would like or subscribe after watching the video
Calvin Schmucker (17 days ago)
I think its more how you chew your gum
UhYeahWhateverDude (18 days ago)
I can NEVER remember peoples' names. Ever. Instead, I just call everyone "cupcake". Is that bad?
J.BBunny (19 days ago)
Afijith K R (19 days ago)
Lindo Tube (21 days ago)
i dont believe in first impression . those who believe are idiots
Rose (21 days ago)
You forgetting you are lines in a job interview
Awat Shamsi (22 days ago)
A gentle smile!
Good Boy (23 days ago)
very poor editting. hired designer. you have lot of subscribers. don't disappointed your fans
MegaBrandnewday (26 days ago)
Do not turn the tables and become the interviewer: if you have questions or important concerns, there is usually an opportunity to address them.
v dinesh (26 days ago)
Superb you doing a great job to us. And thank you for that
globe trotter (26 days ago)
Is something wrong with Ur voice?
DHIRAJ SONOWAL (29 days ago)
2:50 how many of you got the movie scene??
Jove T (29 days ago)
I love to keep atleast one hand in back pocket of my friend while walking and I know she loves it , her hand in my pocket with my wallet in it .
Kenny Patrick Cogen (1 month ago)
Hmmm... I think it is VERY rude to keep your hands under a table. It shows me someone is trying to hide something or is lying.
Sebastian Roy (1 month ago)
I dnt think folding arms on the table is considered rude in India
Adus Teewee (1 month ago)
Being smelly, making a bad choice of what you wear according to the event you walk in
moshfiqur chowdhury (1 month ago)
Poking nose, nervous coughing ..
maribel tenedero (1 month ago)
Look its first impressions first. I think people who just looked onto first impressions by the moves , gush they such an ignorance haha! Peace. Be natural so that you won't be feeling inside the pocket cos maybe we knew how to be nice on formality or informal. I am sure , It's depends the characteristics and understanding of the person looking to a person also.
moist faucet (1 month ago)
"...why I need to be attracted, i am married with 2 kids..." AL bundy. 1985
Troy Norris (1 month ago)
vocabulary choice, using vulgarities can ruin first impressions; also using words that are above the situation in order to draw attention to ones intelligence can be off-putting to others.
Mayank Kumar (1 month ago)
P. J. Dlamini (1 month ago)
You forget to mention readying comments while listening this video.
Karen Wright (1 month ago)
I like this
MARIO de ANGOLA (1 month ago)
# 3 Forgetting people's names is horrible...
Kenisha Coward (1 month ago)
A next impression is : BAD BREATH!!!!!!
Sysop 22 (1 month ago)
and smelling of smoke - UH!
Shams Khan (1 month ago)
Insan azad hai ye jhot sun sun kay kaan paak gye hain...khak azad a bhai logo ma tu keta hun duniya ma wo sab karo jo tum logo ko acha laga ye duniya kotay ki dom ki tara hai na ye teerha hogi or na ye sida...aik dosry mind impression zabardasti gosaye ja raye han Danishmandi k nam pey lanat ho esy danishmandi pey...ma wai krta hun jo mere man ko pasand ho phr chaye pichaye koi Aristotle khaye ya bewaqof fark ni parhta...jismani ghulam bardsh kr lunga lkn damgi ghulami kbi nhi.
Nargis mayel (1 month ago)
This video is really similar to your another video HOW TO MAKE GREAT IMPRESSION
Isha Kawade (1 month ago)
I think folding hands also depicts negativity in a job interview
Johnell Kerr (1 month ago)
Lol Period!
Tesfay Kinfe (1 month ago)
Showing too much pride as you greet people for the first time will also do lots of harm to the first impression.
spideraxis (1 month ago)
Bad breath is another no-no.
Punit Meena (1 month ago)
It's NOT RUDE to put your hand on the table in India,Bright Side should get their facts right ffs P.S unless you're dozing off and using your hand as a support..😂
Amsaraj Palanisamy (1 month ago)
The best ever solution...
Modern Username (1 month ago)
who still watches them because I do
Edgar Haro (1 month ago)
You also forgot to say excuse me or pardon when trying to move past some one, and you also forgot to mention to say thank you because that is the most important thing for everyone and anything. Thank you bright side!
Edgar Haro (1 month ago)
I think the only thing you forgot to mention was to stand up right. Someone who stands confidently upright with their chest up in their hands by their sides are always seem to be like they’re confident and in charge and know what they’re doing even into scenarios when they don’t know what they’re doing. Other than that I really enjoy these tips and I kind a new at all of them already. Thank you bright side
Yoasef Tamer (1 month ago)
Elior Idida (1 month ago)
I read in this book once to come up with a phrase or a rhyme related to the person's name your'e trying to remember, it works pretty well for me. I think people should also write the persons name done with a simple phrase or rhyme as such too in case the latter comes to failure
Szusikakutyuska (1 month ago)
I already feel the incoming cringe.
Lavanya Bandi (2 months ago)
If interviewer is left handed person and interviewee is right handed how will they make shake hand. Can u pls explain
Very useful video
Igor Polak (2 months ago)
3 519 132 views! WOW
Vangelis Michalopoulos (2 months ago)
the body language can 'say' lot but actions speak louder!!!
Johnson Kids (2 months ago)
Do whatever you want just be yourself who care what people think
Lakhwinder Singh (2 months ago)
Meherban Ali (2 months ago)
But i am shy and anxious
Radha Krishnan (2 months ago)
🙂 my look
Johnry Almento (2 months ago)
😀so smart
Gio Bravo (2 months ago)
“Picking the wrong conversations” my life LOL
Ralsei fluffy boi (2 months ago)
Cot en 0:29
Leo D (2 months ago)
4:52 boom roasted
qwerty (2 months ago)
Bad breath
Barbie Necia Films (2 months ago)
Bad attitude
Sunny Boy (2 months ago)
Im fogetting many peoples name...a looooooooooooots of times 😅😶
ubed khan (2 months ago)
Sunil Channel /vlog (2 months ago)
Hair style🙏🙏
Popcorn Wizard (2 months ago)
With other people I'm scared to look them in the eye I find it intimmerdating
girish n (2 months ago)
Very informative. Thanks
Harjanto Harjanto (2 months ago)
Do you still talking these as tips today???? Come on! Please
V IP (2 months ago)
I like the boots on the woman tapping her feet. Oh & the pink bag ! None of the things mentioned on this list bother me or annoy me when I meet someone for the first time ! I guess I'm just used to all of it too much to even really notice it much. I tend to try to understand & grasp the inner self of people. Am I just weird or something ?... no don't answer that question ! 😀❤️
Henry Ducard (2 months ago)
I am not confident for eye contact timing!
Mohmmed Adil (2 months ago)
0:28 am I the only one who always skip this part?
Deepak Tiwari (2 months ago)
Love from india🇮🇳🇮🇳
Shashwata Malakar (2 months ago)
To make a good impression on viewers, show poop at the beginning of the video!!
Dhanya Shree (2 months ago)
I think in 1.55 1st picture he looks very confident but 2nd one he looks very nurvous......but you gave green right mark there😂😂👍
Dipen Dhakal (2 months ago)
listen to him/her as you listening the most important things ....
Anandan Sundaram (2 months ago)
Making eye contact makes me feel shy, and I don't like making eye contact. It makes me feel weird. Like if you do so too.
Anandan Sundaram (2 months ago)
I need them to remind me their name like 3 times to remember. If it's a new name then I would want somebody to remind me.
Hello World (2 months ago)
Hello World (2 months ago)
Me Me (2 months ago)
My Impression:DO NOT SPEAK TO ANYONE got it? 😂

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