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Meet Me Chat App Review

159 ratings | 53912 views
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Text Comments (46)
The Diesel (1 day ago)
That app is a piece of shit
J El Native (2 months ago)
Looks like tagged lol
Naa Akua (2 months ago)
Their so many bullies on this app and fake accounts this site needs to try getting everyone to verify themselves
Adriee Lovee (3 months ago)
All guys ask is for sex smh or others will roast you...or sometimes there are really nice people I’ve meet from there
ربنا الله (3 months ago)
هذه البرامج أداة رائعة للنصب على الناس صور مزيفه لبنات كي تراسلها وتشحن لها كروت شحن وفي النهايه هاكر ونصب.. حتى لو قابلت الشخص ربما يكون نصيب أو ممتلئ بالأمراض هذه البرامج لا يمكنك انت تعرف الشخص أو تبحث عنه لأنه ببساطه يغير كل إعدادات البرنامج في لحظه... والسلام عليكم ورحمة
cheposantos 3puntos (4 months ago)
Has anyone P2P ?
S H Mehdi (5 months ago)
make review for this awesome app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shaistech. easydownloader
Greg Homstad (6 months ago)
Aseem Kssam (6 months ago)
Meet Me ruined my life
Donald Trump (12 days ago)
me too. melania found my account.
Naa Akua (2 months ago)
Aseem why what happened?
How to basic (6 months ago)
Meetme ruined my phone .
Ethan Dansereau (7 months ago)
The thing about the app is that theres a bunch of catfish.
DG animes (7 months ago)
mano eu n consigo conv nessa bosta
Chelsie Ramsay (7 months ago)
Alex Hein (7 months ago)
What are some not fake people apps
Kenny N (8 months ago)
There's alot fake people on meetme.
Outsider (9 months ago)
Chukwillard (9 months ago)
The app is complete shit. Its loaded with scammers and fakes. It is the worst dating app I have come across.
Red Skin (9 months ago)
Top streamers on this app is fake dont give them no gifts they are paid by this lame ass app in this app a scam.
lolEpicgamers (10 months ago)
i have 80,000 diamonds how do i redeem it to money?
Rin Chan (11 months ago)
so many fake accnt
Zoey Rampage (11 months ago)
How do you get dimomds on there
Nico Savage (8 months ago)
Zoey Rampage hey :)
Yahya MF (11 months ago)
Why I dont see the comments on my live on meetme
Cheska Pelino (1 year ago)
Hey luke you know me in meetme?
Rico Gaming YT (1 year ago)
Is meetme plus worth it??
BoyyZ 283 (10 months ago)
Rico Gaming YT for me yea I met a cute girl on there
Your Anime Otaku (1 year ago)
What i hate about this app is all the spammers and fake accounts that try sending you to malicious websites and kik. And then every girl that admirers me has a fake profile pic of a hot girl and they are from states far away.
decafcoffee73 (5 months ago)
+David Davidson no.. just curious to know are they real people? I mean to sit inside a room for 6 hrs is kinda strange.
David Davidson (5 months ago)
you're new to the internet, huh?
decafcoffee73 (6 months ago)
Are the people that are live really real people?
Hydro Fit (7 months ago)
Your Anime Otaku me 2 😂😂😂
TheRealCritique (1 year ago)
meet me chat is basically a way for average girls to imagine they are supermodels. The internet these days is fucking stupid. Ugly chicks get attention with no sex, and dudes are turned into beggars. This is not the way the world always was in case you don't know.
Randy Gregorio (1 year ago)
hi bellow girls.can u be my meet or chat.
Damien Hartley (1 year ago)
This software is dumb.
Stephen (1 year ago)
lol its not free to chat . need payment amfff
Kimbra Fowler (1 year ago)
Anas Khan (1 year ago)
how I can login because someone reported me
ogieee559 _YT (1 year ago)
add me OGIEE 559
Dre Day (1 year ago)
If you have the meet me app your a weirdo
domenec valera (1 year ago)
Lol its pussy on a app
Edgar Gasai (1 year ago)
Dre Day you're*
Ella Price (1 year ago)
How can you turn off so no one can see your online on meetme
grecosgreece daz (1 year ago)
fucking shitty app
Virgil Walker (2 years ago)

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