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I got tagged | 10 facts about me

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I got tagged by EternalLoveDreamer! it was awesome meeting her, she's so sweet. :D I had a blast doing this video and i'm looking forward to meet you all!! It would be great if you could help me with my blog channel, giving me ideas, asking me questions, subscribing... My other Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/AlinaFurlan/videos Thank you so much!! i love you all xoxo Ali.
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Alina Furlan (5 years ago)
thank you!! i loved you're tag video hun!!
Aww you are so pretty. 6th is so what I can relate to as well since l can't imagine a life without my comp haha. And good luck with starting a blog on your new youtube channel! :) I've actually manage to squeeze some time in to make a tag video about myself (even though I know I said earlier I might not be able to) so i'll post my video in response to yours anytime soon now. ;)
Alina Furlan (5 years ago)
thank youu!! <33
Alina Furlan (5 years ago)
thank you!!! yes omg that man is hotter every day!! lol
cursethestars (5 years ago)
You're so pretty hun :) Argentina looks so beautiful, I would love to visit it someday :) Ian looks gorgeous as always haha <33
Alina Furlan (5 years ago)
thank you hun!! yeah i relly hate ir lol I tag you!

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