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Parents Outraged at Official Who Checked Girls Underwear

Students at Rancho Bernardo High School said the vice principal, Rita Wilson, was screening girls to assure they were not wearing thong underwear. There were also reports that girls were made to undress partly if Ms. Wilson or other faculty suspected that they were not wearing bras. "Some of these girls are just devastated," said Kim Teal, the parent of a 15-year-old sophomore at the school. Ms. Teal said one parent called her to report that a teacher had pulled a girls top to see if she was wearing a bra. Ms. Wilson and the principal, Paul Gentle, did not return phone calls. Ms. Teal said that when she confronted Ms. Wilson about the incident, she played down the situation, saying she had wanted to ensure that bottoms were adequately covered at the dance, attended by nearly 700 students. Continue reading the main story The theme for the party was "Blast from the Past," and boys wearing toga outfits were also asked about their underwear or checked for it. Tube tops and halter tops are banned at the school.