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Aphrodite's Child - End Of The World
Album: Aphrodite's Child - End Of The World (1968)
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Liliput - Die Matrosen
Album: VA - Rough Trade Shop - Post Punk Vol. 1 - 2003 - [cd1]
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Freddy King - See See Baby
Album: Freddy King - Freddy King Sings + Let's Hide Away and Dance Away (original 1961)
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Hollywood Square - Hillside Strangler
From the album Killed By Death vol.1 (VA)
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Aphrodite's Child - Valley Of Sadness
Album: Aphrodite's Child - End Of The World (1968)
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The Briefs - Antisocial
Album: Sex Objects (2004)
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The Sunrays - Andrea
Album: The Sunrays - Andrea (1966)
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Les Sparks - Rien N'a D'importance
Album: O Toi, Beatnik..(V.A) .Chansons obscures du beat francophone 1965-67!!!
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The Belles - Melvin
From the VA. Album: Vile Vinyl vol.1 - Rare, Wild, Primitive Mid-Sixties Garage -
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Jack "Bongo" Burger & Orchestra - Mambo Burger
Album: Jack "Bongo" Burger & Orchestra - The End On Bongos (1957)
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Elza Soares - Perdão Amor
(1977) Pilão + Raça = Elza :Album
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NGC4594 - Skipping (Through The Night)
The Psychedelic Experience vol.1
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Major Accident - Terrorist Gang
Album: Major Accident - The Clockwork Demos (released 2004 Durty Mick Records)
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The Atlantics - Dark Eyes
Album: The Atlantics - Bombora (1963)
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The Attack - Sleep Like a Child
Album: The Attack - Final Daze - 1967
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Tocayo - Con Safos
Album: VA - Pachuco Soul - A COLLECTION OF VINTAGE EAST-L.A. GROOVES FROM THE VAULTS OF RAMPART RECORDS!! [Vampi Soul 2004] http://www.vampisoul.com/index.asp
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The Master's Apprentices - Living In A Child's Dream
From the VA. Album: Ugly Things vol.4 - Down Under Dreamtime (Raven 1989)
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Morocco - Opa Kukla
Album: VA - Waking Up Scheherazade - Arabian garage psych nuggets from the 60's and early 70's
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The Sunrays - A Little Dog and His Boy
Album: The Sundays - Andrea (1966)
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Love Is The only Way - Rikki Llionga
Album: VA-Love, Peace & Poetry vol.8 - African Psychedelic Music
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MC 5 - Gold
Album: MC 5 - Shakin' Street [Lilith 2009] rehearsals, outtakes, and live comp.
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Sea-Ders -Thanks a Lot
Album: VA - Waking Up Scheherazade - Arabian garage psych nuggets from the 60's and early 70's [Lebanon]
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Abstract Truth - In A Space
Album: VA - Love, Peace & Poetry vol. 8 - African Psychedelic Music Abstract Truth original album Silver Trees - 1970 South Africa
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Rev. Jamel & Bob Johnson - Walking On The Moon
from VA. Album: Quantic presents: The World's Rarest Funk 45's vol.2
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The Briefs - Ephedrine Blue
Album: Sex Objects (2004)
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The Regiment - My Soup Won't Float
Album: VA - Acid Dreams Epitaph
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Rex Lawson & His River Men - Yellow Sisi
VVAA Album: Highlife Time - Nigerian and Ghanaian Sounds From The 60's and early 70's http://www.vampisoul.com "IT'S HIGHLIFE TIME! Highlife, dance music played mostly in Ghana and Nigeria, represents one of the century's first fusions of African roots and western music, and before 1970 it ruled dancefloors across much of West Africa. The story of West African big-band Highlife is the story of West African independence itself. From its early roots in church music, old African song forms, sea shanties and military brass bands to the orchestra podiums of the slickest nightclubs and concert halls of Lagos and Accra, Highlife has charted the growing confidence of a proud and gifted people casting off the shackles of empire: a people ready to live the High Life. Accra's E.T.Mensah was the pioneer, but Lagos was not far behind, with superstars such as Roy Chicago, Rex Lawson and Dr. Victor Olaiya performing to packed dancefloors where, unusually for West Africa, ethnicity didn't matter -- Igbo people danced with Hausas, and Efik guys with Yoruba women. West Africa was prosperous, there was work for all -- and for several glorious years, Highlife was the soundtrack for the good times. In 1967 the tragic Biafran War wrought three years of misery in eastern Nigeria, but soon after Highlife came to the rescue, the 70s music of legends such as Stephen Osita Osadebe helping to heal the scars as only music can. In our collection you'll find all of these Highlife stars and more, from the most celebrated to the obscure one-hit wonders. Not content with just churning out material available from European and American catalogues, Vampisoul journeyed to Lagos, scoured the record crates, dusted off the forgotten mastertapes and started afresh. As the radio DJs used to say back then: "People, Highlife is King! Long live Highlife!" Available on 2CD and 2LP formats, both with complete and informative essay by African music authority John Armstrong. "
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Negus Nagast - No Te Confundas (ft. Guayoyo)
Album: Negus Nagast - I and I Pro Jah (2007) [cd 2] [Venezuela]
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Madlib - Memory Lane
Album: VA - Madlib - Madlib Remixes 2: Saturday Morning Edition All Samples 1977 - 1982 (2004) [Released by Le Smoke Disque records] Song: Elite Terrorists ft. King Solomon & Zerah - Memory Lane (remixed by Madlib)
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Cold Cock - I Wanna Be Rich
From the compilation Killed By Death
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U.K. Subs - Ice Age
Album: U.K. Subs - Diminished Responsibility (1981)
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Golden Smog - Looking Forward to Seeing You
Album: Golden Smog - Weird Tales (1998)
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The Attack - Earth Tremor
Album: The Attack - Final Daze - 1967-69
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Max Frost and The Troopers - Fifty Two Per Cent
Album: Max Frost and The Troopers - Shape Of Things To Come (1968) "All things that have gone before are but the bleak, cold grayness of the early dawn... listen! Beyond the far edge of the world, the first yellow rays of sunlight are flooding towards us like the tide, youth everywhere is ready to awake, man stands poised to spring up from the earth and thrust himself out, out laughing, to stake a bright new homeland amid the stars!" - Angus Scrimm (Pucket '83)
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The Denims - White Ship
Extract from the VA. Album: A Fistfull Of Fuzz
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The American Four - Soul Food
Extract from the album The American Four 'Arthur Lee (Munster Records)
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Vivian Stanshall - Prong And Toots Go Steady
Album: Vivian Stanshall - Man Opening Umbrellas Ahead - 1974
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Major Accident - Standing On The Sidelines
Album: Major Accident - The Clockwork Demos (released 2004 Durty Mick Records)
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The Sunrays - Still
Album: Andrea (1966)
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The Chainsaws - J'ai Perdu Mon Phallus
Album: The Chainsaws - Part-Time Heroes (1989) [Belgium]
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Aphrodite's Child - The Grass Is No Green
Album: Aphrodite's Child - End Of The World (1968)
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Los Loud Jets - Mira
(Mexico) From VA. Album: Conquer the World vol. 2
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Peter & The Blizzards - Bye Bye Baby
From the VA. Album: Transworld Punk vol.1 18 Frantic European Beat and R&B Punk Ravers: 1964-1966
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The Electric Prunes - Vox Wah Wah Commercial
(radio spot) 1967
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Sapphire Thinkers - From Within
Album: From Within (1970) - Sapphire Thinkers
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Eilen Jewell - The Darkest Day
Album: Eilen Jewell - Sea Of Tears (2009) https://eilenjewell.bandcamp.com/album/sea-of-tears
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The Sunrays - You Don't Phase Me
Album: Andrea (1966)
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